Can I tell you a beautiful story about an answered prayer? I love this!

Last summer, a beautiful woman named Dena participated in my Surrendered Study Pilot group. She told our little group about her precious adult son’s long-time struggle with addiction. As much as she loved her boy, Dena realized that his choices created a lot of chaos in her life.

It was a painful and heart-breaking summer for Dena. Yet, she allowed God to work in her heart and life — even though it was really hard.

I asked Dena if I could share her story in my Surrendered Devotional on Day 22: “When You Thought that You’d Let Go”. Here’s what she said:

He hit rock bottom again. This time, I did, too. I finally realized that I had to completely let go of him, his life, and his future.

As much as I love him, my son has to find his own need to change, but as long as I keep intervening, he won’t have to. I don’t clean up his messes anymore. For me, surrender is a constant process of praying for peace and strength and trust. I’ve learned that surrender is thanking God in advance for the healing that is to come and accepting whatever form it comes in.

Since last summer, Dena turned her worries in prayers for her son. When she felt like trying to fix him, Dena would step back from trying to fix his problems and surrender. It didn’t get easier, but Dena realized that God’s peace was carrying her through. There were a lot more difficult ups and downs.

Then, a few weeks ago, Dena noticed some changes in her son.

A few days ago, Dena sent me a text that her son forwarded to her. He told her that God has been working in his life all along, but it took time for real change to happen. Dena’s son thanked her for praying for him and shared about how God continues to transform his life.

Oh, friend, God knows how to do more than we could ever ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). Dena and her son’s story is a powerful reminder that God is always at work — even when you can’t see it!

I don’t know what you’re facing this week — or even today. Be encouraged that God isn’t out to get you, He’s out to give you His best. So, I’m encouraging you to believe that God is at work in ways that you can’t see! He is at work in you and all around you — including the lives of the people that you love. Stand in hope today!

This column was submitted by Barb Roose. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Perry County Tribune.

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