The festive holiday season is upon us! This time of year usually brings stuffing with extra gravy, eggnog, pies, candy canes and cookie exchanges! For many of us that all adds up to winter weight gain. If you are looking for ways to prevent weight gain over the holidays, perhaps you can begin now to make a few healthy changes to those holiday menus. You might also try evaluating the types of food in your kitchen to see if your commitment to healthier choices could be sabotaged by foods that are currently in your cupboards even after the holidays have come and gone.

Holiday time is certainly the time of year where every gathering is often celebrated with a wide variety of decadent deliciousness! When trying to make some healthier choices, it is easy to be led off track by the sheer volume of foods you encounter as you make your holiday rounds. Try a few of the tips provided by fitness experts. They may help you move into the new year with less weight gain and a more positive mental attitude about your willpower!

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