While the COVID-19 response has certainly been at the forefront of the Health Department’s work for the last year, the clinic staff has noted a decrease in the number of childhood vaccinations that have been given. It is important to not neglect your child’s required immunizations. Babies are born with immune systems that can fight most germs, but there are some deadly diseases they cannot handle. Vaccines strengthen their immune system. They reduce your child’s risk of infection by working with his/her body’s natural defenses to help safely develop immunity to disease.

If you have a child entering kindergarten, 7th grade, or 12th grade in the fall, they will need vaccinations before school begins. Children entering kindergarten will need boosters before they start school. 7th grade students need one dose of meningococcal vaccine and a TDAP. 12th grade students need a dose of meningococcal vaccine.

Vaccinations are available through the Health Department Monday, Tuesday, or Friday by appointment. Call 740-342-5179 to schedule an appointment. As we are also vaccinating for COVID-19, our clinic appointments fill up quickly. Making an appointment now will ensure that your child is ready when the new school year starts. Make sure to bring your insurance or medical card information and a current shot record with you for your appointment.

If you are wanting to be vaccinated for COVID-19, visit our website at perrycountyhealth.info or call us at 740-342-5179. We are accepting appointments for those ages 16 and up.

The Perry County Health Department is working to keep you safe where you live, work and play. Contact us at 740-342-5179, visit us at 409 Lincoln Park Drive, New Lexington, go to our webpage at Perrycountyhealth.info and follow us on Facebook.

Deborah Raney is the director of health education at the Perry County Health Department and is a weekly contributor to The Perry County Tribune.

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