The festive holiday season usually brings eggnog, cookies, candy canes and stuffing with extra gravy. For many of us that all adds up to winter weight gain. If you need to lose weight or are looking for ways to prevent that winter weight gain, it’s best to start by evaluating the types of food in your kitchen and the amount of time you spend sitting rather than getting up and moving around.

Evaluating the types of foods that are in your kitchen is an important first step to making changes. Take time to separate snack items into one location, sugar sweetened beverages into another location and boxed/bagged convenience foods (such as cold cereal, macaroni and cheese, frozen dinners, chicken nuggets, hamburger helper) into a third area. Stand back and look at the remaining food in your kitchen. Are there fruits and vegetables, whole grain products like oats and rice, eggs, spices and low-fat protein choices like chicken breasts and tuna? Whole food choices such as these should be staple ingredients in everyone’s kitchen.

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