The above verdict was passed on Jesus by the crowds who had listened to His teaching, watched His healings and eaten His food. Jesus didn’t deal in quotas. He taught them truth, vital spiritual truth – truth that enabled them to respond to God in ways that would eternally bless them. It was only and always the truth of God that set them free spiritually.

When He healed people, He didn’t get to patient number 10 and say, “That’s all for now! Come back tomorrow for another dose.” No! He healed all who came or were brought to Him. He didn’t treat them like cattle, but as those created in the image of God. No condition or ailment, however extreme, and not even terminal cases, were too difficult for Him.

When He fed the 5,000–plus, it wasn’t simply appetizers He offered. He gave them all fish and bread until they were satisfied. There was no man, woman or child in that multitude that left hungry. He related to all ages; to all levels of society; to all the sick; at all times; in ways that respected their human dignity, revealed their worth and helped them open their hearts to God in trusting faith. In what He said and how He said it; in what He did and how He did it; in His willingness to do without for the sake of others, whether He was praying, washing feet or having a meal with someone; when He was tired and had no place to lie down; when He was pressured; whether tempted or criticized; in sorrow and in joy; in every circumstance of His life and for everyone with whom He came in contact – our Lord Jesus Christ did everything exceptionally well!

Doug Oakes is minister at the Woodlawn Church of Christ in Zanesville. Email at

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