I write this letter as a pastor who has served within the church for more than 33 years.

I serve two churches in Perry County and have begun to volunteer with the Perry County Housing Coalition. They are a group of good neighbors whose hope and heart is to help persons and families facing hardship and needing assistance with transitional housing. With them, I advocate that transitional housing be made available to persons and families who do not have a home in New Lexington.

Illnesses, job losses, emergencies, lowered income, and a higher cost of living wreak havoc on families. Many who do not have a home are families with children. Transitional housing in New Lexington will provide a safe space for those children, and for persons and families who want to be able to pay for and live in their own home, so that they can work toward that goal. I have learned that transitional housing in a town with a welcoming heart like New Lexington is the kind of blessing that builds hope and a better community for everyone.


Rev. Kristin Santiago, pastor

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)

Member of the Perry County Housing Coalition

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