Dear Editor,

I am writing to thank the Perry County Agricultural Society Directors and the Perry County Health Department for the recent Perry County Fair, July 20 — 25.

I observed many positive things throughout the week. This was a return to “normal” for the vast majority of the residents of Perry County and the visitors from outside the county. Through the week I saw many of my current and former students, every one of them seemed relieved for the return, if only for a week, to normal.

This fair came with a price. There were many meetings leading up to the event beginning. Much planning, and many scenarios of what would or wouldn’t be. The Fair Directors and volunteers put in many extra hours of planning and preparation for the fair to even happen. They worked with the Health Department many weeks before the event and the week of the event. The Directors should be commended for their hard work and perseverance.

The people who attended the fair seemed relaxed, again, if only for a week. They could be observed laughing, talking about things they have not talked about for months, and reminiscing, about fairs of the past and all the people involved in them. This was a much needed return to “normal” — a normal that may now be gone forever.

To the men and women of the Agricultural Society, thank you for a much needed break from the crazy last four or five months.

Mike Skinner

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