NEW LEXINGTON — Christmas has come and gone, but a good bit of the mess is still with us. Katrina Carpenter, Education Specialist for Perry County Waste Reduction & Recycling, has several post-Christmas reminders that will keep many materials from being dumped into landfills.

First, be mindful of what is accepted in your area for recycling. PERCO does not accept gift wrap, tissue, Styrofoam packing materials, or plastic materials besides those marked as #1 and #2. This number can be found inside a small triangle on the bottom of most plastic containers.

Perry County has 21 drop-off sites for recyclables. Finding a convenient location in your community will help you make recycling part of your daily household routine.

New Lexington residents can dispose of their Christmas trees at no charge by taking them to Artheusa Springs Park Street garage. Make sure your tree is free of decoration debris. The trees will be chipped and reused for various purposes around New Lexington. Contact the New Lexington Village office for details. Remember, that old Christmas tree also makes great fish and wildlife habitat if you have access to a suitable pond or site.

Carpenter encourages all Perry County residents to waste less and recycle right as we make our way into a safe and Happy New Year. For more details about recycling call 740-342-7881 or go to

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