Sam Sheppard murder

Perry County Judge Luann Cooperrider presented the history of the Sam Sheppard murder trial at the Somerset Courthouse in November.

SOMERSET — Judge Cooperrider presented the history of the Sam Sheppard murder trial to a packed audience in the historic Somerset courthouse on Nov. 21.

This year marks the 65th anniversary of this landmark case. Judge Cooperrider goes through the entire history of this case including two criminal trials and one civil trial. She has prepared this presentation and is passionate about fairness and our justice system.

Samuel Holmes “Sam” Sheppard, who was born Dec. 29, 1923 and died April 6, 1960. Sheppard was a Bay Village, Ohio neurosurgeon, who was initially convicted for the 1954 murder of his wife, Marilyn Reese Sheppard.

This case was highly controversial from the beginning, with extensive and prolonged nationwide media coverage.

The U.S. Supreme Court determined that the “carnival atmosphere” surrounding Sheppard’s first murder trial had made due process impossible. After 10 years in prison Dr. Sheppard was acquitted at a second trial.

Defending Dr. Sheppard during this ordeal was the well-known attorney F. Lee Bailey.

“This case has always intrigued me for years,” stated Judge Cooperrider, who has spent long hours reading and studying the court documents and other material on the life surrounding Dr. Sheppard. “Although this murder may have happened in the 1950s, I believe many people share my interest as well.”

All presentations are to benefit non-profit groups. The next presentation will be to benefit the Calvary Arts Center in 2020.

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