Brooke and Cassidy Lehman

Brooke and Cassidy Lehman put up tape in preparation of the painting that was happening at the Perry County Dog Shelter last Saturday. Renovations have started for the shelter and will take place the rest of this month and into November.

NEW LEXINGTON — The Perry County Dog Shelter will have a new look within the next month as renovations for the shelter began last Saturday. The dog warden, shelter volunteers, and members of Rescue Me Ohio partnered together to update the shelter and make more space for the ever-growing population of the dogs the shelter has been taking in.

Rescue Me Ohio contacted Perry County Dog Warden Kerri Taylor after they saw her videos on Facebook of how crowded the shelter is. Taylor had been taking videos each week of the large number of dogs the shelter was taking care of and placing the videos on her Facebook page with the hope of finding homes for the dogs. Rescue Me Ohio saw the videos and recognized the need the Perry County shelter had for more space.

Taylor also created a go-fund me account hoping to raise money in order to do some renovations. Between the donations from generous individuals and money from Rescue Me Ohio, the Perry County Dog Shelter was able to raise over $7,000 for renovations.

Taylor is excited for the shelter to have a more welcoming look.

“I think it is going to look really nice,” Taylor commented. “It is going to look much more inviting and less like a jail.”

The shelter will be receiving a new paint job after being painted on the outside and inside. The outside is going to be done in red while nice blue walls on the inside will bring a more inviting feel for prospective dog owners.

Over the past few months, the shelter has seen a massive influx of dogs needing new forever homes. They went from 16 dogs to holding at times up to 45 canines. Due to the increase in dogs, a lot of them are in crates set in the hallways, office, and storage rooms. The dog warden and her staff go on every run they are called on.

“We are on call 24/7. Most of the time I am out getting dogs,” she remarked.

The shelter is a no-kill shelter.

“The dogs stay here until we find them forever homes or we can send them to other rescues,” Taylor explained.

Volunteers are also working on clearing an area behind the shelter where two storage building will be placed. There will also be a run area for the dogs added to the property. The garage that currently serves as the storage area for the shelter will be cleaned out and nine new kennels added. Eight stainless steel kennels, worth over $5,000, were also donated to the shelter, giving the shelter a total of 17 new spaces for dogs.

“This is awesome,” Taylor said about the support she has received. “We wouldn’t be able to do this without all the help from our volunteers and all the donations we received.”

The plan is to have no more dogs in crates and to have enough kennel space for all of the dogs the shelter takes in.

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