Christians are those who’ve said “YES” to the gracious calling of themselves by Jesus Christ through His Gospel. And while it is an overstatement (not by very much), we should remember that it is not about is about Him!

To our distracted sisters and brothers at Corinth, Paul said, “I determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.” Any work we do...any money we give...any song we sing...any prayer we is all because of Him and for Him.

If we teach...if we preach...if we visit lost, sick or hurting people...if we wait on tables...if we serve in any is to glorify Him. May we see with His eyes...think with His attitudes...feel with His great heart...and not only live and speak His truth, but do so with His tone.

May we follow Him in pursuing the lost...the lonely...the troubled and the terrified...the guilty and the vile. For such we were, and if not for Him would be still. May we look upon people and love them as He did...and not merely pity them, despise them or envy them.

May we never say about any sermon that doesn’t bring us closer to Him that it was a good sermon, for it was not. May our foyer talk, be less about games, work, school, and schedules...and be more about Him and what He means and has meant to us.

May we not always have to succeed, but let Him have His way. May we not always have to be right, but let Him be right. May we pause at times from our endless petitions of Him and simply enjoy His company. May it be enough for us, HIS disciples, to be like Him.

May we think less of our love for Him and more of His love for us. May we think first of Him when we think of heaven. May we never quit until we are at home with Him. And may we always remind each other that it is all about Him.

Written by Doug Oakes, minister, Woodlawn Church of Christ, Zanesville; email

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