Cooperrider swear in

Probate Judge Luann Cooperrider swears in Jenny LaRue, Harold Gilbert and Tami McAdams to the Perry Park District Board on June 26.

NEW LEXINGTON — Perry County Probate Judge Luann Cooperrider, along with Perry County Park District Board members began their movement toward bringing nature to the county.

Park District Board Chairman Scott Moore said there were some vacancies in the board, so they needed to fill them.

“We had to recruit new members to make five of us,” he said.

Moore reported each member was a volunteer.

Along with Moore, Theresa Snyder-Kane was another original member, and the three whom were sworn in by Cooperrider were Jenny LaRue, Harold Gilbert and Tami McAdams.

Although they all have different backgrounds dealing with outdoors and nature, Moore reported it takes different backgrounds in order for the Park Board to work.

“It takes a lot of different backgrounds to run a park district,” he said.

The Board has many goals in mind, including map creation, contact information and messages spread.

“We just want to make maps so people know where they are going on the hiking trails,” he reported. “We are going to develop message boards, or kiosks, on the trails to show people where they can go. We will also have contact numbers on the boards so people can have someone to call and stay safe.”

In the surrounding counties, Muskingum, Hocking and Fairfield, biking, hiking and nature trails are aplenty.

Fairfield has multiple trails in and around Lancaster, including the Christmas Rock/Jacob’s Ladder Trail, Mount Pleasant and more.

Hocking County is famous for all of its trails in the Hocking Hills and surrounding areas including Old Man’s Cave, Ash Cave and Conkle’s Hollow, as well as many others.

In Muskingum County, Blue Rock Park, Dillon and Burr Oak, which merges into Morgan County, have trails for anyone and everyone.

Perry is beginning its hiking adventures with the Glenford trails, which became known on June 22, during the Glenford Fort Hike.

Moore reported the surrounding counties park boards are trying to help Perry County in the sense that hiking attracts tourism.

Surrounding counties and Perry’s Park Board are working together to brainstorm plans to advertise the trails.

“We want to advertise and mark the trails,” Moore added. “We have five big county properties we want to start with to make maps and trails. All the counties want to help us advertise.”

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