NEW LEXINGTON — The New Lexington Village Council met on Monday evening and discussed the needs of certain departments and projects in town as well as updates to past and future events.

Mayor Trent Thompson started the meeting by stating that he attended the New Lexington Fire Department’s pancake breakfast on Memorial Day. He also attended the Memorial Day services and was happy with the community turnout. He also attended the Founder’s Day community event at Ludowici Community Foundation Park last Saturday.

The council talked about allowing St. Rose of Lima Catholic School borrow picnic tables. The New Lexington Fire Department will clean the picnic tables for the school to use them. The council unanimously voted to let the catholic school use the tables.

The council also unanimously approved the April bank statements.

Next on the agenda was that four streets in New Lexington that need to be worked on. The streets that need to be grounded down are Elizabeth Street, Jackson Street, South Maple Heights and Sunset Lane. The streets are flat leaving them vulnerable to flooding. The council will wait on a cost estimate before work on the streets begin.

It was reported in the meeting that the New Lexington Swimming Pool has a broken pipe in the basement and needs repairs. There were also electric problems with a power relay switch which needs replaced. However, it was noted that the pool is still running efficiently. The power relay switch should be replaced in two weeks. It was also stated that 125 people were present during opening-day of the pool.

The council talked about obtaining a street sweeper for the Village. Last year, seven to eight tons of waste was picked up on the streets. The council will go to the Perry County Commissioner’s Office to ask for funds for a new street sweeper.

In another unanimous vote, the council approved of a free day for the New Lexington Swimming Pool from 12-10 p.m. on July 4.

The council plans to add more Hometown Hero banners on the street posts that feature local and former residents that served in the military.

The New Lexington Police Department reported no problems during the Memorial Day events last week. It was also reported that paperwork has been submitted for a grant that could help fund for new bullet proof vests and are waiting on a reply. The department will also have a July 4th fundraiser this Friday.

The New Lexington Fire Department reported a great turnout for its pancake breakfast last week for Memorial Day. They also participated in the Memorial Day parade and had a small crew at Founder’s Day last Saturday.

The council then concluded the meeting by asking all departments to create a wish lists for the 2020 budget. Those wish lists are due at the end of July.

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