Sheryl Rawlings

Sheryl Rawlings

In today’s world we read a lot about repurposing things. There has been a whole line of products developed out of repurposing wood pallets. You can build anything from shelves to She-sheds from them. If you haven’t been exposed to this repurposing concept there are websites devoted to this new trend. I find them interesting and certainly purposeful. I admire the work of others.

The process is to find an object, create a new purpose for that object, bring that object back to life, and then step by step bring the vision to fruition through hard work and artistic ability. Coffee cans turned into planters with a little paint and trim. Tin cans into outdoor luminaries. A knife block into a craft caddy. Wooden crates into eclectic shelving. You get the idea. It is the newest form of recycling and it is very fascinating to see all the ideas people come up with.

I have adopted my own form of art by repurposing buttons. I use them to create pictures and then frame them. Sometimes I add old jewelry, Scrabble tiles, burlap, or other trinkets as accents. It is quite enjoyable for me and each piece is unique even if it isn’t a masterpiece. All the models I have created have been done so with a particular person and their interests or décor in mind.

As a minister I often have people ask me the question, “What is the purpose of my life?” Many of these individuals have found themselves at a dead end. They feel as if somehow, they have failed by societies standard. They feel lost and without any forward direction to proceed. They are depressed. Some of them wish they had never been born and others are suicidal. How tragic! Especially when the answer is so simple.

Each of us was born onto this earth because God the Father wanted another child to love. His desire is that we love him in return. He commands we do so with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. From the book of Deuteronomy in the Old Testament clear through to 1st John near the end of the New Testament we can find this purpose repeated. Over one hundred verses site this as the primary purpose for our lives.

Our second commitment then follows the first. To love others in the same manner. Once you have accepted that this is your purpose, that this is my purpose, that this is the purpose for our existence the pressure to perform by societies standards fade away. Our purpose it to glorify God through our love for him and transform our lives to imitate His to others.

There is a song entitled, “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”. Several lines of this song are as follows;

Turn your eyes upon Jesus,

Look full in His wonderful face.

And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,

In the light of His glory and grace.

I would encourage you today that if you have found yourself at this place in life where you are questioning your purpose, turn to the Lord. He can help you begin to Repurpose your life according to the version that he penned for you. That’s right. Jesus is the Author of your Life. Every day, every breath, every moment was written before you were born. It is we who tear out the pages, rewrite them and set ourselves on a course of self-destruction.

He calls it free will. We are all entitled to making our own decisions, but I beg of you to reconsider your next choice. Pray before making any plans. Wait to hear from the Lord before you proceed. The margin for error is then eliminated. Only He knows what is best for you and all your choosing should revolve around your love for him and others.

Once you have made the decision to Repurpose your life and bring it into alignment with your Creator then you will have the pleasure of experiencing the resurrection for the meaning of your life. Jesus once said, ‘What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?’ Mark 8:36. By making this statement he is telling us that our individual souls are more valuable than the whole world. That is substantial!

Your life, that soul, came with an instruction manual. The Bible. In it contains everything you need to know to lead the wonderful, healthy, happy and purposeful existence God composed for you. It has been our choice to ignore this living Word. This is the reason there is such chaos, disease, distress, depression and hopelessness in the world today. Pick up this invaluable teaching tool and begin to allow Jesus to bless you with His objective for your life. If we remain self-indulged, self-absorbed, and single-minded we will never reap the benefits of His goal for our lives.

As a teacher I always inform my students, you must not only read the bible, but you must study it. If I have said this once I have said it a thousand times. You can not understand something at a depth of perception that brings about change unless you truly examine it. This means devotion, dedication, and discipline. You did not reach this point in your life overnight and unless God intervenes with a miracle, which he most certainly can, you are not going to be transformed into the person he created instantaneously.

If you are not in a relationship with Jesus, reach out to him. If you do not attend church, find one to join. If you do not have an active prayer life, begin talking to your Savior today. If you want to be revived, you must want to live. If you are to be revived, you need to depend on someone else to resuscitate you. Jesus is the only One who can do so.

Now, you have discovered your purpose. You currently understand you will be revived by His choice if you follow His commandments. Finally comes regeneration. As I have already stated, this can happen suddenly if the presence of the Holy Spirit implements it to be so. Rather in most cases, with most persons it is a life-long process. When we define regeneration, it means to be born again. Apart from our natural birth that occurs physically, regeneration occurs in the heart of man. Just as natural birth is followed by maturing, regeneration ripens the heart to understand our Master in Heaven. God releases us from the bondage of sin and the strongholds in our lives through this process. It is then that the Holy Spirit begins directing our life.

At this point we can either succumb or prolong the process. Whatever path one travels, swiftly or deliberately, the transformation is from glory to glory to glory. 2nd Corinthians 3:16-18. None of us will ever be perfect without Christ and it is only in him that our regeneration and conversion are complete. On that day when we finally see him face to face, we will be the finished product of a repurposed, revived and regenerated life. Praise the Father for his clemency which allows us this privilege. Praise the Son for the sacrifice he made to bring Grace to eternal life. Praise the Spirit of wisdom and revelation for reminding us of what our purpose is in this Life. Amen.

Written and submitted by Sheryl Rawlings, Permanent Lay Minister with Church of the United Brethren in Christ

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