Judge Luann Cooperrider

Judge Luann Cooperrider

NEW LEXINGTON — Judge Luann Cooperrider, Perry County Probate and Juvenile Judge reports many successes for the ALPHA students in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The greatest news is that approximately 19 young people were able to graduate that were helped through the ALPHA program and also many worked through an intensive probation program highlighted for many by completion of a drug and alcohol program in partnership with Perry Behavioral Health. Many of our students also benefit from intensive counseling services they partner with through Allwell, Integrated Services and Hopewell Health Services.

ALPHA stands for Adolescents Learning Parents Helping Adolescents. The organization is proud to help students who are placed there due to their attendance, behavior or other factors that cause the young person to need assistance with their education. ALPHA is proud to be able to help these young people. ALPHA is happy to have had so many be able to graduate.

The students at ALPHA benefit from services that we partner with such as Perry Behavioral Heath with an intensified outpatient program that meets with the youth four times a week. Perry Behavioral Health is also on site at ALPHA. We also have a great partnership with Allwell Behavioral Health, Hopewell Health Services and Integrated Services who provide counseling services and home based services to the youth and their families.

We also have a dedicated staff led by our building director Jim Pottmeyer. We had 67 students attend the ALPHA school this year. Our staff made calls to all of our students and families each week. Written packets of educational material were delivered to the students by the probation officers. All staff wrote a personal letter to every student for encouragement.

Our staff and the probation officers also worked with some of our seniors for jobs this summer through OOD. (Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities)

We recognize the importance of an education for all young people and we are grateful the ALPHA program has been helping young people for over 30 years. The Perry County Educational Service Center is a key to providing the education that our students need and deserve.

Not only are we proud to report all the young people that we have helped graduate but we are also proud to help young people with many things they are facing in their young lives such as addiction issues, home life concerns, self-esteem and depression.

I am very proud to offer the ALPHA school to the students of Perry County. Each year our goal is to help as many students as we can. We encourage schools to utilize our services to help young people. Many counties have visited the Alpha school in hopes of forming a school such as our Alpha school in their county. What a compliment to know that our school can serve as a model to help young people in other counties.

Written and submitted by Judge Luann Cooperrider

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