Here’s a piece of Scripture we need to consider from time to time...I am to be the only inheritance the priests have. You are to give them no possession in Israel; I will be their possession (Ezekiel 44:28).

This passage is set in a day when most of God’s people (Israel) who were still alive had been sent off to Babylon into captivity. They are, at long last convinced that God has indeed judged them and their homeland, especially Jerusalem. It is the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple that convinced them.

Now God, through His prophet Ezekiel, is giving birth to a new hope within them. He tells them a future day is coming when the kingdom will be restored. And what He means, primarily, is not the restoration of physical Israel (although that was included), but the coming of the true kingdom of which Israel had always been meant to be a promise and a foreshadowing.

I’m speaking of Messiah’s kingdom. I’m speaking of the blessed church of Jesus Christ which is the sign of Christ’s kingdom (rule) on earth. And in these blessed days (in which we are living) God says that the priests have no possession in Israel other than Him.

Everyone else gets land, but the priests get nothing but God. So what do you think...did they get cheated? Now everyone knows how to answer that question when they are in Sunday school. Of course no one who gets God gets cheated!

But how are we answering that question in our daily lives? Who are identified as priests in Christ’s new covenant? I Peter 2:5 makes clear that every Christian is a priest. What were we really wanting when we came home to Jesus Christ in baptism? Was it only forgiveness we wanted? Was it only peace? Was it only certain things from God? Or wasn’t it God Himself we wanted to have a real relationship with Him?

And now, all these years later, what is it we’re looking for in this world? What are we wanting to get out of life anyway? Is God enough for us? Really?

Do you remember when Jesus was speaking to His disciples about His death and how by His dying He would be enabled to go and prepare a place for them (the church) and then return to admit them into it (John 14:1ff)? In the course of that discussion, Philip said to Jesus, “Lord, show us the Father and that will be enough for us.”

In a world of “gimme...gimme...” can God be enough for us? Will we feel cheated if we don’t get more stuff? Not if we understand anything at all about Who God is. Our growing in knowing Him is the greatest privilege of life! If we will relinquish our tight grip on lesser concerns and give up our insistence on getting more stuff long enough to understand that having God we have all, then we will know the peace that passes understanding. God will be our inheritance. And this will not merely be “enough” for us, it will be absolutely overwhelming, joy-filling, life-motivating, heart-thrilling, mind-securing delight for us.

Here’s what one poet said:

When earth’s lights are fading and stricken men call

To say less than “God” is to say nothing at all

Life’s ultimate hour calls for ultimate power

Only God’s enough.

Our Father God is a great Giver. But in the midst of abundant blessings, let us not lose sight of our Benefactor. Every good and perfect gift is from Him. But He, Himself, IS OUR REAL INHERITANCE! Isn’t He enough?

Written and submitted by Doug Oakes, minister, Woodlawn Church of Christ, Zanesville; email

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