Judge Dean L. Wilson

Kennedy Anderson, 20, Thornville, speeding, $25 fine.

Raymond Craig, 71, Shawnee, ginseng out of season, $200 fine, 30 days jail suspended..

Dacon Dunwoody, 22, New Lexington, instruments of drug abuse, 90 days jail concurrent with time being served in prison.

Darancae Ervin, 19, Columbus, stop sign, $25 fine.

Michael Hardy, 44, Coshocton, domestic violence, bound over for common pleas court.

Robert Hill, 25, Logan, attempted meth, sentencing deferred for assessment for in-house program; driving under suspension/forfeiture, case dismissed by the village.

Rex Howdyshell, 19, Junction City, speeding, $25 fine.

Brian Kessler, 42, Somerset, seat belt, $30 fine.

Joseph Konrath, 38, Columbus, failure to control, $25 fine.

James Koon, Jr., 41, New Lexington, failure to control, $25 fine.

Briant Monroe, 25, Columbus, weapon under disability, bound over for common pleas court, bond amended to $7,500 cash, 10 percent allowed.

Kenneth Nethers III, 32, Bremen, assaulting an officer, bound over for grand jury.

Robert Pierce, Jr., 51, Malta, driving under suspension, $500 fine and 20 hours community service.

Monica Ruddock, 38, Junction City, disorderly conduct, $150 fine.

Daniel Spears, Jr., 39, Malta, ginseng out of season, $200 fine and 30 days jail suspended.

Ashley Wintermute, 33, Shawnee, driving under suspension, case dismissed by state, defendant paid costs.

Cheyenne Anderson, 25, Athens, possessing criminal tools and cultivation, $250 fine and 120 days jail suspended.

Brady Conrad, 29, New Lexington, driving under suspension/forfeiture, $150 fine and 20 hours community service.

Ryleigh Keirns, 18, Blue Rock, seat belt, $30 fine.

Allen Lester, 53, New Lexington, hitchhiking, $75 fine.

Abby Litton, 23, New Lexington, controlled substance, ordered to complete drug court.

Gavyn Mills, 18, Frazeysburg, failure to control, $25 fine.

John Norton, 45, Uniontown, stop sign, $25 fine.

Angela Reed, 33, New Lexington, permitting drug abuse, no findings, ordered to complete New Direction Drug Court.

Jeremy Sandusky, 26, Athens, possessing criminal tools and cultivation, $250 fine and 90 days jail suspended.

William Simerly, 40, Roseville, no operator’s license and speeding, $175 fine.

Michael Stack, 48, Newark, speeding, $25 fine.

Destiny Tobin, 22, New Straitsville, failure to control, $25 fine.

Tiffany Trout, 37, Newark, meth pipe, $250 fine, 30 days jail with credit for time served, must complete drug/alcohol program.

Scott Wood, 35, Crooksville, possessing marijuana, $100 fine.

Jeremy Cuckler, 24, Lancaster, reckless operation, $250 fine, 30 days jail, 27 days suspended.

Mary Dean, 51, Thornville, speeding, $25 fine.

Roy Hill, Jr., 60, Coshocton, failure to control, $25 fine.

Scott Walters, 49, Caldwell, failure to control, $25 fine.

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