NEW LEXINGTON — As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic still holds its grip on the people of Ohio, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine has announced additional businesses reopening as the state’s economy attempts to get back on its feet.

Gov. DeWine canceled Thursday’s, June 4, COVID-19 update press conference in respect for George Floyd who was murdered by police in the City of Minneapolis. A 2 p.m. on Thursday, a memorial service was held in his honor which prompted DeWine to cancel the conference.

However, while the governor respected the day for memorial purposes, he published a list of several industries that can reopen as soon as June 10. The section of reopening includes certain entertainment facilities with health and safety restrictions; businesses in retail consumer, service and entertainment industry includes aquariums, art galleries, country clubs, ice skating rinks, indoor entertainment centers, indoor sports facilities, indoor movie theaters, museums, playgrounds, public recreation centers, roller skating rinks, social clubs, trampoline parks and zoos.

“As I’ve said, Ohioans are able to do two things at once,” DeWine said. “We can continue to limit the spread of COVID-19 while we safely reopen our economy.”

DeWine added that it is up to each citizen in the state to do what they can in regards to keeping the most vulnerable safe and healthy and to also keep a distance of six feet. Other strategies DeWine covered include citizens wearing masks and maintaining good hand hygiene.

However, while the state allows sectors of the state’s economy to reopen, DeWine reminds citizens that the illness still has a presence in Ohio. He added that when businesses reopen, owners and employees should do their best to make sure patrons and customers are safe by cleaning and sanitizing surfaces.

In Ohio, as of Tuesday morning, the current count for confirmed cases totals 36,077 with another 2,760 probable cases, according to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) expanded definition.

From confirmed cases, there have been a total of 6,550 hospitalizations in the state with 1,668 individuals needing to be placed in intensive care units (ICU). With confirmed cases increasing, the Ohio Department of Health also reported that there have been 2,177 deaths with another 227 probable deaths based off of the CDC’s expanded definition.

As part of the governor’s announcements, day camps and residential camps can open at any time, according to the statehouse in Columbus. Some entertainment venues listed by the governor may also open beginning June 10 but only if establishments are able to follow retail, consumer, service and entertainment guidelines. The statehouse added there are other additional guidance that is applicable.

According to the Ohio Department of Health, there are rules and guidance for employees, guests and customers, physical spaces and confirmed cases during this round of economic reopening.

Establishments reopening on June 10 are required to make sure there is a minimum of six feet between employees if installing barriers is not possible. Businesses must also allow public guests to wear facial coverings except for documented legal, life health or safety considerations.

Businesses must also require all employees to wear facial coverings with some exceptions. Employees must also conduct daily symptom assessment and if symptomatic, they must stay home. There also must be strategically placed hand sanitizers in specific high-contact areas of the establishment.

For customers, they must maintain a distance of six feet when possible. Establishments must also set specific hours for the most at-risk population. Hand sanitizing stations must also be placed in high-contact locations.

Six-foot social distancing must also be enforced in physical spaces when possible, if not, the establishment must install barriers.

Businesses must also immediately isolate and seek medical care for anyone who develops symptoms.

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