NEW LEXINGTON — Perry County government as well as service offices were slated with a new phone system in hopes that the county would be better connected and save money in the process. However, the Perry County Courthouse has been experiencing trouble with the system ditching it for the old system.

This past Wednesday, the Perry County Board of Commissioners had a scheduled meeting regarding the phone system at the courthouse. Perry County Municipal Court Judge Dean Wilson was on the agenda along with County IT Coordinator John Yinger.

“I will be brief, and to the point,” Judge Wilson said.

Wilson was brief and to the point stating that the phone system in the courthouse was a “disaster.” He added that county officials should have been notified months prior to installation.

“It was not well thought out,” Judge Wilson commented. “It should have been discussed among department heads beforehand.”

Wilson added that the courthouse has “scrapped” the system and will go back to using its original phones. The old phones are in the process of being put back in but no timeline was stated for when it will be finished.

The judge also questioned the cost of the new system which was supposed to save the county money. The Perry County Tribune reached out to the courthouse to get figures on the costs for both old and new phone systems.

Wilson then brought up the challenges his staff is facing with the new phone system. He stated that the system “never functioned correctly” and that transferring calls became a hassle.

“The only way you could transfer calls was yell at one another in the office to pick it up,” Wilson explained. “We serve the public and we have an obligation with people not getting hung up on.”

Perry County Commissioner Board President Ben Carpenter stated that the courthouse has the most volume of incoming call traffic. He added that the commissioners approved an extension of bandwidth in order to assist with the problem.

Yinger stated that the increased bandwidth helped with some of the other offices in the area. Wilson then stated that he has heard some of the offices having no issue with the phone system.

This is the second time in which Wilson has complained about the phone system to the commissioners in the scheduled meeting setting.

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