NEW LEXINGTON — Gratitude is a contagious feeling which seems to rise around the time of Christmas and other winter holidays. This year, local families were treated to the news of a local individual who is paying for all of the adoption fees for all dogs adopted at the Perry County Dog Shelter.

“Carol Goff payed for all of (the dogs) adoption fees,” Perry County Dog Warden Kerrie Taylor told The Perry County Tribune. “The only thing that people had to pay for was their tags.”

Roughly a month ago, Goff, of Zanesville, made contact with Perry County Dog Shelter Warden Kerrie Taylor regarding payment for all dogs who would be adopted. Last year, Goff spoke with Taylor about a young child getting toys for all of the dogs in the shelter. After being warmed by the story, Goff decided to spend her hard earned money to help get dogs into homes for the holidays.

“She saw that and it touched her,” Taylor explained.

The Perry County Dog Shelter Deputy Warden Jen Collins stated that the shelter, located in the Village of New Lexington, was caring for roughly 40 dogs at the time. Shortly after Christmas day, the Dog Warden told The Perry County Tribune that almost 40 dogs were sent to new homes for the holiday season.

“Miss Goff actually contacted me on Facebook and said ‘hey, I want to help with the dogs… I’ll pay for their adoption fees’,” Taylor stated. “We posted on Facebook, it’s been in the news… we’ve tried to get the message out there.”

The dog warden explained that the dog shelter has always had a surplus of stray dogs in the facility. Because of the generosity of Goff, the dog shelter sent 38 dogs to new homes for the holidays. Taylor stated that they now have roughly 16 dogs at the facility, which is the lowest the dog shelter has had since she has been the dog warden.

The Perry County Dog Shelter extended the holiday deal until Jan. 2 of the new year. Goff has spent over $1,600 for covering the adoption fees for each dog.

Taylor went on to explain the process that members of the community had to go through in order to adopt a new fur friend. Many locals came to the shelter with dogs of their own in order to see if their current dog would be friendly with others.

“If they have a dog, we ask them to bring their dog with them,” Taylor stated. “Because it’s more their dog picking out their new best friend than it is people picking out their dogs.”

They also were told to bring their child along with them to see how the dog would react around small children. The dog shelter also has a facility cat so in order to see how the dogs react around other cats that some residents may have at their homes.

Those who came to the shelter during the holiday special only had to pay for the registration fee. They also received an assortment of dog treats, dogs toys and collars as part of the adoption. Taylor added that new adoptees also received a gift card to get their new fur friend spade or neutered.

Taylor stated that she was blown away by the generosity of Goff. The donation by Goff has made several members of the community visit the shelter for adoptions, which lead to the low count of dogs currently living inside the facility.

“It’s amazing,” Taylor emphasized. “Its really heart warming because we were completely packed — we had dogs everywhere — we’ve never had this low of dogs, that’s incredible.”

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