NEW LEXINGTON — An incident occurred on Monday, Nov, 18, in the area of New Lexington, with two individuals being arrested for allegedly trafficking heroin in the Village.

Canine Argo and Central Ohio Drug Task Force Detective David Briggs seized a bulk quantity of heroin as well as a large amount of currency found in a vehicle that was occupied by Ronald Triplett, 38, and Christopher Bush, 29. The two were arrested and Triplett’s vehicle was seized.

Bush is charged with trafficking illegal drugs and Triplett is charged with possession. Both men are being held at the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail. The CODE Task Force stated that more charges may be filed in the future. Assisting at the scene was the Perry County Sheriff’s Office.

The incident remains under investigation. The whereabouts of the arrest are unknown as well as the probable cause and the specific time the arrests occurred.

When asked for additional information regarding the arrest, the reply from the CODE Task Force was, “The case remains under investigation and therefore we are not releasing any additional information. The investigation is a certified law enforcement investigative record as it sits right now, which is not public record.”

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