watering trees

New Lexington firefighters help out with Main Street tree watering.

NEW LEXINGTON – The Village of New Lexington has been a tree city for 30 years, in no small part due to a dedicated tree committee comprised of local individuals, businesses and institutions that maintain the 15 trees located on Main Street and Brown Street.

Jenny LaRue from the Perry County Health Department is currently the head of the committee. Her duty has been to organize and recruit volunteers to water the trees for the past three years. Last year, New Lexington received new trees through a revitalization project in partnership with the Ohio Department of Transportation, so maintaining the trees is more important than ever.

“We have five members on the committee, but we are always looking for new members,” La Rue said.

Maintaining the trees is no easy task. Each tree needs at least 10 gallons a week. LaRue passed out five-gallon buckets to members of the committee to water the trees at least twice a week.

“Everybody has a five-gallon bucket, five gallons on Monday, five gallons on Thursday,” LaRue said.

Because of this, LaRue tries to bring members into the committee who operate on the street the trees are planted on. This makes it easier for them to transport the water to hydrate the trees.

The New Lexington Fire Department will sometimes come out and water the trees with the aid of their vehicles in order to ease the burden on the other council members. LaRue said the fire department makes the job much easier for everybody involved.

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