NEW LEXINGTON — “Next year will be the 15th so we are already planning something big.”

Cheryl Dodson and her family had just wrapped up the 14th Annual KAT Foundation on the last Saturday in September when she started talking about the plans for the 2021 event.

“Something big” will have to bring in well over $50,000 because that’s the amount the 2020 version of the KAT collected. Checks and donations were still trickling in following the official end of the fundraiser on Sept. 26 when all the prize giveaways were determined.

“This community is amazing,” said a very impressed Dodson. “We could hold this event in the middle of Columbus and not make half what it made this year.” Every cent of the funds raised makes its way to the Perry County Cancer Alliance.

Saturday’s prizes and winners were: the lotto tree — Jeremiah Marks; the liquor baskets — Melissa Woodrum and Cody Hall; 50/50 drawing worth $1,275 — Peggy Sampson (Peggy, a cancer survivor, donated $775 from her winnings); gift card planter — Vila Misner; four-wheeler — Levi Benedict; $4,000 cash — Kelly Seals (who donated $500 back to the pot); $100 second-place cash winners- Eugenia Starr and McKenna Baird; deer feeder and 200 pounds of corn from Dave’s Feed & Seed — Sally Smith; boy’s bike — Jennie Dodson; girl’s bike — Ray Hatem; picnic table — Elaine Ferguson; OSU football — David Grant; micro coffee pot and fan — Jackie King; sound bar — Rhonda Yates.

The real prize winners from the 14th Annual KAT Foundation will be the families who have a loved one in a battle with cancer. KAT’s family would like to thank everyone who made this year’s event such a tremendous success. If you need a reason to be proud of Perry County, look no further than the KAT Foundation.

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