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Participants in the camp show off their keepsake boxes made of repurposed materials.

NEW LEXINGTON – What a creative week we had this summer at RECYCLE Art Camp at Perry County Cultural Arts Center!

During the week of June 14-18, Sabrina Ponting and Kathy Murdock got right after it, sharing a flurry of great ideas; working on one project for a while, then moving to another, to allow paint or glue or mod podge to dry!

Sabrina started out by giving each of our 10 campers a small wooden keepsake box, made by her uncle years ago. Totally repurposed with old pieces of lumber, even the hinges and latches were salvaged and reused to make these neat little boxes. Sabrina had enough to share with the kids, which was such a kind gift.

Then she and Kathy (and me here and there) worked with each camper, teaching how to sand the boxes down, show techniques of painting with style, along with applying decorative art paper and edging to jazz them up even more.

They also learned how to make 3-D relief art using old pieces of corrugated cardboard. Next, they created decorative mobiles with plastic containers.

In the midst of thinks, they had a session with Kathy on how to dampen and compress an old newspaper, using a special compression tool, to make paper blocks. The original purpose of the tool is to be able to reuse old newspaper and make into fire starter blocks for stoves and fireplaces. To be a bit more creative for this week’s camp, once dry, they were decorated and painted so they might be used as building blocks or a paperweight.

During lunchtime, Katrina, the “recycle lady” from Perry County Waste Reduction & Recycling, shared a brief Recycle RIGHT message, passing around some show-and-tell items, helping the kids to better appreciate why recycling has value if you do it RIGHT.

Of course, we made sure to recycle what we can during this week of camp as well!

Please note: Sabrina and Kathy are Master Recycler volunteers for our Perry County Recycling program. Please contact our office if you want to learn more about becoming a master recycler, contact Katrina at or 740-721-0765.

Up-cycling & Re-purposing ordinary items into beautiful works of art… plus, instilling the ethic of REUSE and Recycling RIGHT!

I for one, really appreciated this wonderful opportunity to help and share in this week with two amazingly creative artists!

Thanks Sabrina and Kathy for sharing your awesome talents with the kids!

Submitted by Katrina Carpenter, education specialist, Perry County Waste Reduction & Recycling.

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