HILLIARD — A former resident of Perry County is in the sixth week of an eight week chemotherapy regimen while the search for a compatible bone marrow donor is underway.

Born in Thornville, and now residing in Hilliard, Ted, a longhair miniature dachshund, is the first pet 23-year-old Amber Hart has ever had, and he was diagnosed with stage 1a Multicentric B-cell Lymphoma on July 22 this summer.

Hart noticed that Ted had an unusual swelling in the area of his left mandibular lymph node and was afraid it could be a cancerous tumor. The diagnosis confirmed her worst fears for Ted who will be three years old in November. Not only is this little dog fighting cancer, Hart picks a fight with this insidious disease on a daily basis every time she reports to work; she is a research scientist at the James Cancer Center in Columbus.

Hart says that early detection has given Ted a good chance for survival but a bone marrow transplant following chemotherapy offers him the best chance for a full recovery.

While the chemotherapy and pre-transplant preparation can take place in Columbus, the actual bone marrow transplant must be done in the State of Washington. She estimates that medical fees for her pet will top $40,000, but a pet insurance policy she took on Ted is greatly helping with the expenses.

She reached out to the staff at The Perry County Tribune in the hopes of finding a bone marrow donor for Ted. Seems that tracking your pet’s siblings is a daunting task. Hart acquired Ted from Shirley Rager, a breeder from Thornville.

Ted and his litter mates were born Nov. 29, 2017. A full sibling has a 25 percent chance to be a compatible donor, while half siblings have a 12.5 percent chance to be a successful donor. Ted’s parents are Tiny Tim and Lacey. If you believe you may have one of Ted’s litter mates, you can contact Hart at 614-578-5784 or email her at amberhart15@icloud.com.

As an incentive, Hart will cover the costs to have your dog tested as well as pay a $50 cash reward. If a match is found, in addition to paying medical and travel expenses, she is offering a $500 reward.

“I’ve had Ted since he was eight weeks old and we have been through so much together. I owe it to him to save his life because we have so much more living left to do together,” said Hart. “I have a birthday coming up and Ted being cancer free would be the present of a lifetime for both of us.”

If you believe you may be the owner of one of Ted’s siblings, contact Hart.

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