Steve Stivers

Rep. Steve Stivers

OHIO DISTRICT 15 – Constituents in Ohio’s 15th District will be able to attend Virtual Job Fair 2021 hosted by Rep. Steve Stivers on Thursday, April 8. The Job Fair will start at 10 a.m., end at 2 p.m., and it is free to participate. The following press release was issued by Rep. Stivers on Monday, April 5:

“Since coming to Congress, some of my top priorities have been supporting job creation and connecting Ohioans with good-paying jobs. That’s why, for the past 10 years, I have hosted an annual job fair. Now, as our country is faced with high unemployment as a result of the shutdown of large segments of our economy, helping folks find gainful employment has never been more important.

However, we also need to keep taking coronavirus precautions. That’s why this year’s job fair, like the job fairs in 2020, will be different.

I am very excited to announce that my office will be hosting another virtual job fair.

This online experience will offer the same opportunities as a traditional job fair, from the safety of your home. You will have the chance to meet with prospective employers live via video chat. It is free to participate. More information will be coming soon.”

In addition to the press release, Rep. Stivers made personal phone calls throughout the district to various media outlets to stress the importance Job Fair 2021 could have for Ohioans.

During the call, Rep. Stivers cited impressive numbers for the job fair.

“Forty-one employers will be on hand with over 2,000 jobs available in Ohio right now,” Stivers said. He added that the jobs range from entry level part-time positions to occupations that include a full range of benefits. The required levels of education call for every level of training from a high school diploma to a Ph.D.

“A ton of people are looking for jobs. Obviously COVID has been hard for a lot of people and that’s why I believe the Job Fair is so appropriate right now,” said Stivers. “There’s literally something for everybody at this job fair.”

Two counties in the 15th District, Clinton and Morgan, are ranked first and second for the highest unemployment in the state, with Vinton County at 15th and Perry ranked 24th.

Rep. Stivers explained that some of the employers will be interviewing on the spot while others will be setting interview appointments at a later date. The representative is just as impressed with the technology behind the event as he is excited for the opportunities his constituents have for finding employment.

“I am super excited about this opportunity for people to find jobs so they can raise a family,” emphasized Stivers. “This brave new technology is something that is pretty intuitive and it really works. You can have a one-on-one chat with an employer just like you would if you were there in-person.”

Rep. Stivers said that people can sign up for the job fair at his website, The four step procedure is 1) Register by creating an account and completing a registration form; 2) Explore by viewing information about the participating organizations and opportunities; 3) Attend, by logging in and joining the chat from any device; and 4) Chat, where you can connect with a representative for a one on one conversation.

“There’s healthcare jobs, transportation jobs, logistics jobs, government jobs, just a little bit of everything that someone might want,” said Stivers in closing.

With an eye toward caution due to coronavirus precautions, people will be able to attend Job Fair 2021 from the safety of their homes. Rep. Stivers ended the conversation with an invitation to call one of his district offices for more information. The offices locations and numbers are listed below:

Hilliard District Office : (614) 771-4968

Lancaster District Office : (740) 654-2654

Wilmington District Office : (937) 283-7049

For more information about this important event, call Rep. Stivers.

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