Perry County Transit drivers receive COVID-19 Vaccine

Perry County Transit driver Doug Oakes receives the COVID-19 vaccine from the Perry County Health Department.

PERRY COUNTY — When the Perry County Transit became, as far as anyone can tell, the first public transit system in Ohio to have its drivers receive their coronavirus vaccines this past week, it was an important step in improving health care for the community, according to a news release from the agency.

For many people a health care visit begins at the front desk of a clinic or office. But for many of our neighbors, often elderly and isolated in their homes, their health care visit begins when Doug Oakes and other Perry County Transit drivers arrive to bring them to their appointments and therapies. Trained for this duty, Doug, his fellow drivers, and the entire transport service are an essential part of the continuum of health care for many in our community.

Without Perry County Transit, people who struggle to get out on their own too often forgo their regular checkups, or their doctor visits when a problem is still easily treatable, or even essential therapies including dialysis. COVID-19 has been a challenge, but now that Perry County Transit drivers are getting vaccinated, the system can more safely and effectively provide the continuum of health care to everyone in the community, even the most isolated and shut-in, or those at risk for serious COVID-19 infection.

“Perry County Transit is ready to serve those in need of essential medical transportation, just call us at (740) 342-2810,” says Perry County Job and Family Services Director Cheryl Boley, whose agency operates Transit.

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