Sweet Misery

A screen shot of Sweet Misery’s new video.

NEW LEXINGTON — A local band that has rocked area venues since 2012, has taken a bold step in an attempt to broaden their marketing appeal. Sweet Misery is a five-piece band whose specialty is “classic modern rock.” On Tuesday, Jan. 5, Sweet Misery released their first music video on Youtube. It was filmed in Perry County’s ultimate theater setting, the Tecumseh Theater in Shawnee.

The video has a classy, professional look that matches the great sound produced by Sweet Misery. The band members include: Michael Finck, Tommy Hettich, Chad Nash, Rick Havoc, and lead singer Brandy Fiore. While the pandemic has forced cancellations for many of their planned appearances in 2020, the band has continued their once-a-week practice routine.

When the group found an opening in their schedule in May, they contacted Sonic Lounge owner, Joe Viers. The Sonic Lounge, located in Grove City, is one of the best recording studios in Ohio. The band recorded two songs at the Sonic Lounge with Viers working as their audio engineer. Viers was impressed with the band’s sound and said they should consider doing a video. Viers in turn contacted John Payne of John Payne Productions.

“John Payne works with some big-time bands, and Joe Viers made it possible for us to hire John for our video shoot,” explained Finck. When the group told John Payne the direction they wanted the video to go, Payne took charge in a manner Finck described as “high energy.” George Biggs at the Tecumseh Theater made arrangements for the video shoot, and even gave the band a break on the rental fee.

“George was great to us, and he even stayed the entire time we were filming,” said Finck. That filming lasted 11 hours in the unheated theater. Tommy Hettich says making the video for Youtube has a dual purpose.

“First, we wanted to make one for us to enjoy, and hopefully it can be a marketing tool for us,” explained the lead guitarist.

The band would like to expand their playing area to include Zanesville, Columbus, and wherever the video may take them. Hanging with Sweet Misery allowed this reporter to gain access to the video that has yet to be released. Watching the video definitely provided motivation to see this band live in concert.

The band combines two Led Zeppelin songs, “Kashmir” and “Stairway to Heaven,” in what Finck says is called a “mashup” in the music business. Sweet Misery is calling their video production number, “Kashway.” Watching Sweet Misery performing on a big screen serves as a reminder of how much fun has been missed since the pandemic put life on hold. You will be able to access the band on Youtube by going to Sweet Misery Led Zeppelin.

“Once people find the video, there will be a link below it to access our website,” described Finck.

If rock is the way you roll, make sure you dial yourself a dose of Sweet Misery on Youtube on or after Jan. 5. You may even take time to wish Brandy Fiore “Happy Birthday!” that day.


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