Piglets arrive at FFA barn

Dinner for 10 is taking place several times a day at the FFA barn since the arrival of a new litter of piglets.


Welcoming a litter of little squealers. New Lexington Schools’ FFA is proud to announce the birth of 10, count ‘em, 10 piglets in their barn. We’ll be following their progress thanks our new FFA correspondent. See story, page A5.

The ‘why’ of vaccinations. With COVID-19 a daily fact of life, and vaccines against the virus coming on line, many people may have questions about them, or about immunizations in general. Deborah Raney of the health department provides some answers on page A4.

County officials get sworn in. Perry County officeholders both re-elected and newly elected have taken their oaths of office to begin their terms. See stories, page A4.

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