Submitted by Katrina Carpenter, Education Specialist, Perry County Waste Reduction & Recycling, to commemorate Earth Month – April 22 Earth Day! Make Earth Day every day, 365 days a year!

Earth Day is recognized on April 22. Since 1970 it has been a day to regroup, reflect and remind ourselves about the importance of a clean and green Earth.

This is a great time to look at our own individual lifestyles. Is there something more we can do that might lessen the human footprint we are leaving behind in our path of everyday living? Is there one habit we can improve on? Imagine how much of a difference it would make if we each did one more thing, from this day on!

To kick off this Earth Day, aka “Earth Month” season, we are showcasing the top three scholarship entries from this year’s recent contest sponsored by our office. Scholarships were funded by 13 organizations this year! A sincere thanks goes out to: American Legions of Corning, Junction City, New Lexington, Somerset (plus Jeryl Thompkins & Rand Ponding), and Thornville; PC Community Club/Eagles, Elks, PC Cultural Arts Center, PerCo, People’s State Bank and Retriev!

The assignment was to interview an elder adult who could answer the following question: “How did your family reuse things back in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s compared to today?” following the necessary philosophy of those hard to come by times… “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” Students recorded their interview, then wrote about what was learned from their interview. They were judged on meaningful content, both in writing structure and in the recorded conversation. All participants did a great job!

1st Place Scholarship $2,000 Olivia Grace Crooks, NLHS Senior

2nd Place Scholarship $1,000 Gracelyn Frame, CHS Junior

3rd Place Scholarship $400 Allison Baughman, CHS Senior

Reducing, reusing and recycling are a choice. More now than ever, we need to be mindful of the 3R’s. REDUCE what we buy! REUSE what we have! RECYCLE the right materials… in that order. Caring about the Earth essentially means caring about our children’s future and their quality of life.

All four Perry County High Schools participated and we thank our schools for the super support in promoting this project through the years! Each of our top 3 students and their essays will be featured in the following weeks. The top 3 students will be featured in the coming year at All recordings are archived forever with the Digital Shoebox Memories Project found at our PC District Library; once here enter search word: REUSE and you can listen to your hearts delight! We have over 30 REUSE recordings collected so far on this simple but very important waste reduction topic! There is much to be learned from our elders if only we would ask. Then, equally important, listen to what they say. We hope you enjoy the essays and recordings as much as we did.

“From the mouths of our elders comes a fountain of wisdom”

~ Ransom Riggs

Please contact us with your comments and questions! 740-342-7881

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