Private Devin Hogan

Private Devin Hogan

MOUNT PERRY — An 18-year-old from Mount Perry is making his mark known in Iowa, as he has just received his unit patch for the Iowa Army National Guard.

Private Devin Hogan has been a member of the Iowa National Guard since mid-December, and just recently, on May 11, Hogan moved up in the ranks with a patch.

Hogan is a student at Iowa State University and said he chose to join the Armed Forces while there.

“I ended up joining the National Guard because I joined Iowa State’s Reserve Office Training Core (ROTC) program for the Army,” he said. “Then I joined the National Guard to give me a boost on that, and it also helps me pay for school.”

After completing one semester at Iowa State, Hogan traveled to Georgia to complete basic training at Fort Benning. After basic training, Hogan completed his Advanced Individual Training, therefore, earning his unit patch.

Hogan remarked that the patch was the first step in advancing toward his military goal.

“The patch is my first step for my military career,” he said. “It means there is a lot of good things coming my way, and it means a lot to me.”

After his expected graduation date in the spring of 2023, Hogan said his goals for a career are within the military as a second lieutenant.

But, with graduation comes an option for Hogan, making the decision between the National Guard, or active duty.

As long as he stays within the Armed Forces, Hogan said he would complete his goal he has had since he was a child.

“Servicing my country has always been a big thing for me,” Hogan said. “Ever since I was little, I knew I was going to join the army, I just didn’t know exactly how.”

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