Carpenter takes oath for second term

Ben Carpenter takes the oath of office, administered by Judge Luann Cooperrider, for a second term on the Perry County board of commissioners. Ben’s wife, Katrina, (center) held the family Bible as Ben was sworn into office.

NEW LEXINGTON — Ben Carpenter, president of the board of Perry County Commissioners, was sworn in for his second term by Judge Luann Cooperrider but the entire affair may require an asterisk. The ceremony took place in Judge Cooperrider’s courtroom on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021. Carpenter explained why his swearing in did not take place prior to the end of 2020 as law requires.

“I was scheduled to have this done on Dec. 29 along with Jackie Hoover and Sheriff Barker, but we had a family member test positive for COVID-19 that morning,” said Carpenter. For safety reasons, he stayed away from the official day to be sworn into office. Judge Cooperrider conducted his ceremony via a Zoom conference to follow the letter of the law. The ceremony on Jan. 6 was a re-enactment of the ceremony that had already taken place.

It did allow for Ben’s wife, Katrina, to be part of the experience. During the swearing in, Katrina held the family Bible as Ben took his oath of office. Following Ben’s taking his oath, Judge Cooperrider complimented him on his outstanding track record of being on the forefront of so many positive projects he has undertaken while in office as a commissioner, as well as prior to that time.

“I believe we have done a lot,” Carpenter acknowledged. He cited the efforts to improve water lines throughout the county and the repair/remodeling of the Perry County courthouse that is about to begin. Part of the courthouse renovation will be the removal of all offices not pertaining to the courts. Each court will have its own floor on which to conduct business.

The non-court offices will move to the former Perry County Jobs and Family Services building. The commissioners’ office has already made that transition from their previous location on Brown Street.

Ben Carpenter’s upcoming term will see him serve on the board of commissioners with Scott Owen and Derek Householder. Householder took over the seat vacated by Jim O’Brien after defeating Frank Fondale in November’s election.

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