Perry County Board of Elections

Things are getting much busier at the Perry County Board of Elections with absentee ballots and early votes.

NEW LEXINGTON — Every citizen 18 years and older has the right to vote and the time to do so can be right now. Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 3, but Jamie Snider, director of the Perry County Board of Elections, says there is no need to wait until then to cast a ballot.

Voters have three ways to cast a ballot this year. The first is voting via an absentee ballot and mailing it to the Board of Elections, located at 200 S. Brown St. in New Lexington. Snider said the cutoff date to receive an absentee ballot is Oct. 31, but warned that this may be cutting it too closely.

“We recommend that anyone choosing to vote with an absentee ballot should do so as soon as possible” Snider said. “Last year we mailed over 4,600 absentee ballots and 95 per cent of them were cast.”

Early voting is the next way to support the candidates of your choice. This voting method is done at the Perry County Board of Elections building on Brown Street. Bring a photo ID that has your address on it. A valid driver’s license is the quickest and most commonly used ID, but utility bills with your name and address may also be used. Remember to bring a photo ID.

Snider is asking all voters who come to the office for early voting to follow the social distancing protocol of staying six feet apart and wearing a facial covering. Hand-washing stations will be set up along with plenty of hand sanitizer. At the last presidential election, 400 Perry County citizens took advantage of this voting method.

“We’re hoping that 2,500 people choose early voting this year,” said Snider.

If voting on election day is your preferred way to cast your ballot, find the appropriate voting poll for your residence and be there between 6:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Remember to bring your photo ID with your address on it.

Avoiding miscues on an absentee ballot will keep your ballot from being discarded. Common mistakes include waiting too long to mail your ballot, and mailing your ballot without the ID envelope. Also, do not remove the stub from the ballot before mailing it.

One more bit of advice from Snider has to do with campaigning at the polls. “Political signs supporting a candidate or a cause must remain 100 feet from the entrance of a voting poll,” noted Snider.

Please take advantage of the right to vote on Nov. 3, or earlier, by using an absentee ballot or by voting early.

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