NEW STRAITSVILLE — In a time where neighboring communities are experiencing similar strife, one village in Perry County decided to help another community out by donating a playground set for children to use.

According to the Village of Roseville’s Fiscal Officer Heidi Milner, the Franklin Local Community School donated a set of playground equipment to the Village of Roseville a couple years ago. After the Village of Roseville no longer needed the equipment, it decided to repurpose the equipment for the Village of New Straitsville.

“The Village got [the playground equipment] about two years ago,” Milner told The Perry County Tribune.

Franklin Local Community School is a public alternative school serving around 100 students in grades seven through 12. It is also a branch off of the district that includes Philo High School.

The Roseville Village Administration decided to give the equipment to New Straitsville after Derrick Keylor, an employee at Franklin Local Community School, knew that the southern located community needed it.

“He kind of connected the dots and knew that they needed it so he reached out to them knowing that and they said yes,” Milner said.

Members of the Village of New Straitsville then traveled north to Roseville to pick up the equipment. Milner stated that New Straitsville Mayor John Roberts thanked Roseville for the donation in a letter addressed to the Village.

“I just know that more and more communities are relying on each other more than anything,” Milner commented. “Anytime we have anything that we need to surplus or donate, the first thing we do is reach out to communities whether it be Crooksville, Somerset or New Straitsville.”

The Village fiscal officer added that now more than ever, it’s important that communities come together in times of strife.

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