NEW LEXINGTON — The Perry County community comes together when others take on big personal or business projects. For Dodson’s on Broadway, the overwhelming support has lead to the development and opening of a new catering hall which has already gained a lot of attention.

Cheryl Dodson is the owner of Dodson’s on Broadway, a local business in New Lexington. The restaurant is located on West Broadway Street and has become a popular spot for people wanting to find a good meal.

Since Dodson constructed the new building, it has caught the attention of many local residents. She stated that as soon as she made the announcement on Facebook, she was contacted four times in one day for people wanting to schedule events at her new catering hall. Dodson has already made arrangements for bridal parties, baby showers, work events and business meetings.

“If you’re a local business and you want to have meetings, I’ve got several of the businesses coming in,” she commented.

The advertising for the new catering hall has been very slim. However, Dodson has already booked 17 reservations for the space which spreads into May of next year. Dodson commented that the only publicity her brand new dining hall has received was when The Perry County Tribune reported on Judge Luann Cooperrider presented at the monthly chamber luncheon.

“It’s catching on fast,” Dodson noted. “I’m hoping it stays that way.”

The catering hall holds approximately 75 people at one time but that could increase given that she wants to add an outdoor area to the existing building. She stated that according to local fire code ordinance, she can have up to 99 people inside.

Dodson made it her goal to give members of the community a nice place to go for a hot meal. Sometimes during the winter, outdoor events and parties can become very sparse especially during the severely cold months.

“That’s our goal,” she commented. “Is to just have someplace for everybody to go that they can afford.”

Dodson hopes to see the new catering hall become a popular spot for people all over the Perry County community. The catering service done at the hall is all up to the customer and what he or she wants to have served. Cheryl stated that individuals can schedule with the main restaurant for catering or they can have another business entity cater for special events.

At this time, there is no set menu for the catering hall but Dodson is ready to cook for any event. The catering hall is built for sit down meals as well as buffet style catering. Within the catering hall, there is a small kitchen built into the open space. All of the furniture, except for the chairs, were bought from several local businesses in New Lexington, as Dodson tried to support other local businesses as much as she could.

For information on the rates for reserving the catering hall, contact Dodson. Depending on the menu selection and per person orders, Dodson’s on Broadway will make arrangements with the party on a rate for catering an event.

“We are willing to work with them,” she stated. “That’s the whole point I do it is to try and help the community.”

Dodson’s brother, Jeff Dodson, purchased the business almost 17 years ago. Cheryl then purchased the business from her brother after he only had owned it for two years. This year marks 15 years that Cheryl has owned and operated the restaurant. She owns a flooring business next to Dodson’s on Broadway as well. She has built up her business over the years and currently has 13 employees.

“With the outstanding support of the community and regular customers, we are doing great,” Cheryl said. “Without a community backing me I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Coffee With Some Commissioners holds its monthly meetings at Dodson’s on Broadway and has done so for some time. Cheryl added that “it’s great” how community leaders come to her establishment to hold important meetings and presentations.

Cheryl added that she is grateful for the support from local businesses and individuals in the community.

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