Sara Robinette

Sara Robinette

THORNVILLE — Sara Robinette has plenty of basketball left in her senior year at Sheridan High School, and she already knows where she will be playing as a college freshman. On Wednesday, Jan. 6, Sara signed her national letter of intent to play at Rio Grande College next fall. Rio Grande is an NAIA school.

Sara is a senior guard/post player for Sheridan. The team was undefeated and ranked fourth in the state in the AP poll when Sara sat for an interview in the Athletic Director Lance Dupler’s office the day after her signing. She credits her team’s success to the drive provided by head coach J.D Walters

“Rebound the basketball,” is the phrase she says the players on the floor hear every five seconds from their dedicated coach. Sara did not limit the positive influence to Coach Walters as the only high school teacher who has made an impact on her.

“Mr. Culver, PC3, is great,” says Sara of her teacher and the instruction in his chemistry class. She also named Dr. Rose in forensic science, Mr. Riggs in biology, and Mr. Bennett in physical science. That appreciation for all things science helps explain why Sara plans to major in wildlife conservation management at Rio Grande.

“After I graduate from Rio Grande with a degree in wildlife conservation management, I plan to attend the Police Academy for six to eight months,” Sara siad. Her goal following completion of her education is to become a state wildlife officer.

Sara’s scholarship at Rio Grande will pay $1,000 per semester her first two years. The tuition jumps dramatically for her junior and senior years, but so will her scholarship. She explained that skipping class, the use of drugs or alcohol, or skipping practice will result in a loss of scholarship dollars.

Beyond the college academics and intercollegiate competition, this dynamic student/athlete has an additional motive for attending the college of her choice. It seems Rio Grande has purchased half of Bob Evans Farms and all team pre-game meals are held at Bob Evans Restaurants.

“Bob Evans is my favorite restaurant,” said the senior with a little laugh behind her mask.

Sara is the daughter of Megan and Bill Robinette. She also has a little brother whom she is expecting to make his own mark on Sheridan athletics.

“Jack towers over me! He’s 6-foot-2, and he’s in the 8{sup}th{/sup} grade,” Sara said, adding that her brother plays football and basketball. From the appreciation of her parents and teachers to the pride in her younger brother, it is easy to see Sara Robinette has no problem omitting the “I” from team.

When asked if there was a special moment or game that stands out in her senior year, she said that a layup that put Sheridan ahead of then undefeated Tri-Valley “helped us win.”

“It did win the game at the last second!” interjected Lance Dupler.

The Rio Grande women’s basketball team has been on a winning streak for their last four or five games according to Sara. Add signing this outstanding Sheridan senior to that winning streak.

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