Founder's Day event

Doug Snider brought his tractor to the event which was modified in 2008 to make ice cream. He has produced over 15,000 gallons of ice cream from his tractor.

NEW LEXINGTON — Ludowici Roof Tile hosted its annual Founder’s Day celebration at the Ludowici Community Foundation Park last Saturday. The event was free for the over 1,500 people who attended. The company foundation raised over $15,000 for the event.

“Founder’s Day just keeps getting bigger and better each year,” CFO Jeanette Addington said.

The sun was shining brightly as community members and family gathered at the LCF Park for free food and activities. This is the fifth year the company has hosted Founder’s Day. The free event had plenty of activities for children and families to participate in.

“We don’t charge anybody a dime for this,” Addington added.

The origin of the name Founder’s Day was created to celebrate and help support the community.

“We just decided that it was just a cool catchy phrase,” she continued. “We want to let everyone know that we are still here, and we love the community.”

The event was organized by Jennifer Smith who works for Ludowici. There were 50 volunteers who worked the event, all of whom also work for the company.

People who attended were given an arm’s length of tickets upon entering the park. Those tickets could then be used for entering various raffles for different prizes. Some prizes included bikes, backpacks and tickets to a Cleveland Browns game. The event started at 12 p.m. and by 1:30 p.m., all the tickets were gone.

Most of the attractions were set up inside the baseball field under tents at LCF Park. There were 15 booths set up that gave out free samples and gifts when visited. One of the tents was Doug Snider and his tractor that he configured to make ice cream. He stated that his tractor has made over 15,000 gallons of ice cream since he created the contraption in 2008. He and his tractor attend events like Founder’s Day and local sporting events.

There were also arts and craft for children to participate in. Addington stated that the company wanted to introduce the children to arts and crafts, which is fitting since the company creates intricate designs for its roof tiles.

There were also plenty of attractions for kids to partake in. There were six inflatable structures which included a mini golf course, obstacle courses, slides and an inflatable ball that kids went inside to roll around in an obstacle course-like setup. Also at the event was a rock climbing wall and a zip line.

There was also a place for kids to ride and pet horses, which was set up next to the LCF Park’s splash pad.

“A lot of kids have never been on a horse before,” CEO Tab Colbert said. “We never had this before.”

This was also the first year the event had a zip line and a rock climbing wall, Colbert stated.

Ludowici has been a staple in Perry County since its founding in 1888. Over the years, Ludowici has made it its mission to give back to the community. Five years ago, the company decided to host a community event that celebrates the company’s founding and the community as a whole. The company celebrated its 130th anniversary last year.

“We have had good years the past 10 years or so,” Colbert said. “This is part of giving back.”

Ludowici and its Founder’s Day event welcomes anyone from all walks of life. Maxima Drouin, who works as an analyst for the company, has volunteered for the event for the past three years.

“I like meeting people from Perry County,” Drouin said. “It’s nice to invest time on community events like this.”

“We have a lot of people who care,” Addington said. “I think Perry County has a great reputation to help anyone out in a time of need. That to me is the bottom line to this whole event.”

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