Opera House

This building in New Lexington, once used as an opera house, could be restored with state grant monies.

NEW LEXINGTON – Members of the Perry County Commissioners’ Office met Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 9 a.m. to discuss developments in the plans to apply for grant money through the Appalachian Community Grant Program. Included in Ohio House Bill 377, which was signed by Gov. DeWine on June 28, 2022, this grant money will permit the county to fund multiple projects, such as renovations to the New Lexington Opera House and the construction of the new Job & Family Services building.

The commissioners spoke with Steve Avdakov of Heritage Architectural about finishing a development package to apply for the grant. The package, which Avdakov expects to have completed in time to apply by a deadline of Dec. 9, details specific architectural plans for how the money would be used throughout the county. Carpenter noted that as soon as the total package is ready, meaning work could be initiated within 90 days, the county can apply for the development money.

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