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Charissa (Fitz) Cosgrave of Blended Vibes.

CROOKSVILLE — Several new businesses have opened their doors in Crooksville recently, alongside many existing businesses that continue to change and expand.

Blended Vibes

Blended Vibes, which is set to open its doors June 27, is a nutrition club that will offer shakes, teas, and more. These options can serve as meal replacements that give healthy amounts of vitamins or even just a quick energy boost when needed.

The business is located at 29 E Main St in Crooksville. It is set to have generous hours, with the current plan to open at 6 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. It is also planning to offer call-ahead ordering, so people can place orders by phone and have their goods ready when they arrive.

Blended Vibes is owned by Charissa (Fitz) Cosgrave, who has lived in Crooksville her whole life. By starting the business, she hopes to give back to the community and offer new opportunities for the area.

The store had been slated to open two years ago, but “the opportunity just didn’t arise,” according to Cosgrave. “Finally, I prayed about it, I talked to my family about it, and I was like, ‘I’m just going to do it. I’m going to take a leap of faith.’ I think that it’s something that is going to benefit this community. It will give back to the community; it gives the kids and the adults a healthier option.

Cosgrave said she has had a lot of very positive response to the new venture. “I’m really excited to get people in here, show them the vibe we got going,” she said. “It’s going to be a really fun and great atmosphere.”

She also hopes to provide new employment opportunities and healthier options for the youth around Crooksville. “I’ve had huge feedback from the high school students at Crooksville,” she said. “They’ll stop me, they’ll message me; I don’t even know how they get my phone number sometimes. They’re so excited about this.”

To those who have helped contribute, she thanked her family, kids, coworkers, Bill Glass, his workers, Dan Pro Painting, Taisa Baker, and Ryan Baker.

For further questions, you can contact Blended Vibes at their Facebook page or call 740-647-3456.

Hunter Renovations

Hunter Renovations, a family-owned construction firm, started in 2021 and does a little of everything, including concrete, siding, interior detailing, tiling, flooring, drywall, remodels and more.

The business is owned by Kolvin Hunter, who went to school and grew up in Crooksville. His brother, Kam Hunter, also works at the business as a laborer and has also lived in Crooksville his whole life. Shawn Rochelle, their stepdad, has also been actively working for them and helped them start the business.

“I didn’t like working for somebody else, honestly,” Kolvin explained. “I knew my stepdad knew his way around with the construction business. We kind of got together, talked about it, and thought it’d be a good thing to give it a try. And here we are.” He added, “In Crooksville, there aren’t a lot of people around that do this kind of stuff, so it’s good to help out where you can.”

The business owners want to hire other outdoor employees within the next year to expand. “I like to think we... just generally help anyone that wants to develop a home or has dreams of what they’d like to do with what they own,” Kam said.

Hunter Renovations LLC can be contacted by phone at 740-319-7488, via email at kolvinhunter@hunterrenovations.LLC, or by messaging them on their Facebook page.

H&S Automotive/Heavy Duty Truck

H&S Automotive is a new mechanic shop by the six-mile turn. While initially located in Crooksville, they plan on moving soon to a newer, more extensive shop at 11304 state Route 37E in New Lexington, just across the highway from where they were in Crooksville. They’re currently at 1280 state Route 93 NE.

The owner is Adam Hollingshead, a mechanic who started the business in 2021. He works with Noah Searles, a mechanic and a friend he worked with at Buckingham Coal, and whom he treats like a brother. They primarily do heavy-duty truck repair and can work on either medium-duty diesel or automotive repair — essentially “anything with a motor,” Hollingshead said.

They have a contract with a trucking company, and say they enjoy a large amount of repeat business. They’re also proud of the friendships they’ve made with different companies and individuals since starting their business.

Searles said one motive for starting the business was “to take care of the people that we’ve always been around. Taking care of those people, who’ve taken care of us.” Hollingshead added, “We try to keep our rates as low as possible, to help people out. We’re not trying to get rich.”

To contact H&S call 740-621-0050 or 740-562-5087.

Almost Home Real Estate Services

Almost Home Real Estate Services just recently moved its location to Crooksville, at 410 Keystone Street, Suite B.

Jeannie Allen owns the business and started it in October 2021, when she got her broker’s license. She’s been a licensed realtor since 2017.

Initially starting the business in New Lexington, she moved it to Crooksville when Bill Glass offered her an office in a building he was renovating. The two had previously worked together, with Allen handling property management for Glass.

Allen describes the current real estate market as “tough,” with “slim pickings out there sometimes.” “We are still suffering from a lack of inventory,” she said. “Which drives prices up, which leads to multiple offers, leads to people battling over properties, people making offers and not doing due diligence, inspections, and stuff, because they want to make their offer look as good as they can.”

While she has hired somebody to do her social media, marketing, and also a licensed real estate agent, she said she would be open to adding more agents, so the business can more easily cover what she needs to and help younger agents who are just starting.

Of her Crooksville location, she said, “while I don’t have any scientific proof, I really think I’m the first real estate office in Crooksville, historically. I came from New Lexington, and there are two or three active agencies there in New Lex. I like this place because it gets me a little bit closer access to Crooksville, Roseville, Maysville area with Zanesville. I have plans that might end up going to Athens, Nelsonville. Wherever I have the need!”

According to Allen, she has “a lot of happy customers” with much of her business coming about because she’s from Perry County, serves a lot of people from the county, and has a good reputation among those she’s dealt with. “Just word of mouth has gotten me a lot of business,” she said.

Allen can be contacted by phone at 740-621-6343 (cell), 740-868-6063 (office), or via email at

Clay Valley Pizzeria

Clay Valley Pizzeria, founded in Crooksville in 2018, has big changes coming. These include selling the current building and land, closing the business until the opportunity arises to bring it back, and ultimately moving it to a new location.

Owner Aaron Adams observed that “Any savvy business owner will tell you that while you’re in business, you need to make drastic moves to stay ahead. That is one of the biggest learning curves that I’ve had to learn, especially coming from a small town.” He later added, “I know what direction we want to go; I just don’t know when it will happen.”

Adams said the business is “in the market of finding a building right now,” which it needs to provide the “right location, the right foot traffic.” He recently lowered the asking price for the current building by $80,000, to $349,000. “It was a pretty drastic change,” Adams said. “I’m hoping to find someone who can utilize all the hard work we put into the place. It has a full kitchen, and it has a liquor license; I mean, that in itself is pretty hefty.”

Adams said that everyone involved with the business loves being at its current location, but that it lacks the foot traffic needed to keep it successful. He still wants “to give back to the community, to the full extent he possibly can” and even possibly keep Clay Valley in the vicinity of Crooksville, though whether that can happen remains to be seen.

Explaining what he thinks he’s accomplished with the business, Adams quoted his wife, Michelle Adams, who said, “‘we didn’t start the business just to make money. We started the business to gain new customers, and then in return, it would take care of itself.’” He added that, “we have donated thousands of dollars, pizza, products, whatever, to the schools, the communities. We have harvested events such as farmer’s markets, craft shows, and art shows. But, what I say we pride ourselves on the most, is we gave kids an opportunity of employment that was very flexible with their schedule. I think that’s something in a small town we kind of lack. That’s why we did it.”

Adams said he chose to open the business in Crooksville because he saw a need for a hometown event venue, which should be a pizzeria. “The community plays a vital role in everything we do in the Village of Crooksville and beyond,” he said. “There are extrinsic things that happen because of our community. And we are a close-knit community, and everybody knows everybody. That’s why it’s kind of a hard pill to swallow why we have to relocate or shut down temporarily. You know, the community is everything. If the community isn’t behind us, then we’re not going to be able to do it.”

He added that he hopes to find a “significant investor,” willing to help revive the business and keep it at its current location. Adams can be contacted at 740- 624-9558.

Underground Athletics

Underground Athletics is a Crooksville gym that has been in business since 2017. It offers a variety of equipment for weight lifting, cardio, and more. It also has a basketball court and a variety of classes that participants can join. It is located at 35 W. Main St.

The gym is owned by Jamey and Brittany Brannon, both graduates of Crooksville High School. Aside from additions such as new trainers for the classes the Underground offers, they are hoping to add more gym space, although this depends on how the market for material changes in the future. They are also looking at possibly sponsoring a scholarship that would be awarded to an “outstanding student/athlete in the coming school year,” and presenting awards for “athletes of the week.”

Underground Athletics is proud that its membership prices haven’t changed. To go for a day is $5. A basic membership is $25 per month. For high school students, families, and couples, membership is $20, and for anyone 65 or older, membership is $15. Members must pay a one-time $25 activation fee or share one for $15. It is also open 24/7 besides Friday at 8 p.m. through Saturday at 6 a.m., and Saturday at 8 p.m. through Sunday at 11 a.m.

Jamey talked about why they started the business and how his experience at Crooksville “was the driving force for this business venture.” He said he had played varsity football and baseball for four years each, being a part of several championship teams, earning sectional titles, district championships, regional championships, and more. He also talked about his coaching experience, having coached varsity football for nine years, varsity baseball for two, and girls basketball for two. These experiences inspired him to “want to help our local kids experience some of the success I was fortunate enough to have while I was there.” The plan, he said, “was to give the kids and community a place to work on their craft in the off-season or in their free time. That is where the ‘Athletics’ part of our business name came in.”

The first few years of the business, he said, “have honestly been better than we ever expected. We have met so many new friends and hopefully helped change some people’s health. We have had a countless number of students join our gym over the past five years, and if you drive down Main Street, you’ll see the basketball court full of kids.”

He said he believes the gym has “brought a lot of good people together for the same goals. We believe it impacted the community in a positive way, proving that even in a town our size, a business like this can thrive.”

Asked what advice he would share about starting a new business in Crooksville, he said, “If you believe in what and why you want to start a business, how can you go wrong? Have a good business plan, and go for it!”

For more information on Underground Athletics, call 740-586-7490, email, or check out their Facebook page.

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