NEW LEXINGTON — Twenty-five New Lexington High School students in grades 9-12 will be showcasing their theater skills in two one-act plays that will be staged three nights this week. Under the direction of Kelly Wells, senior English and acting teacher, the cast and crew have overcome the obstacles COVID-19 has placed on all school activities.

Wells praised the school’s administration for the support they have provided. A key strategy she employed to make the plays successful was to keep the casts small in order to follow COVID-19 social distancing protocols. Perhaps the primary reason her students have been able to put this production together is the attitude behind their efforts.

”We made it work” is how Wells describes the work ethic of her cast and crew. Below is the emailed news release describing the upcoming plays at New Lexington High School.

The fall play at New Lexington High School will be held Nov. 12, 13 and 14. We will be performing two separate shows: Dead Air and Homeroom of Doom.

Dead Air: A live radio show is being performed at New Lexington High School and all goes well until the Bagel Bunny is poisoned. Who did it and how? The audience will help us figure it out.

Home Room of Doom: Students and staff alike keep disappearing during homeroom and theories abound. Why are they missing and what is the mysterious noise that is coming from the hallway?”

Due to the COVID situation no tickets will be sold at the door. Tickets may be purchased from a cast member. Each ticket is for a specific night. PLEASE be aware of the date on your ticket. Seating is limited. Face coverings must be worn. Tickets are $10.

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