Judge Dean L. Wilson

Civil claims

• Plaintiff Stone Creek Financial, Inc., Canton, Ohio, vs. defendant Ashley Erwin, Crooksville, judgment for plaintiff.

• Plaintiff Portfolio Recovery Associates, Norfolk, Va., vs. defendant Cathi Wright, Rushville, dismissed.

• Plaintiff Portfolio Recovery Associates, Norfolk, Va., vs. defendant Zach D. Jones, New Lexington, dismissed.

• Plaintiff Midland Credit Management, Inc., San Diego, Calif., vs. defendant Paula Phelps, Glenford, dismissed.

• Plaintiff Portfolio Recovery Associates, Norfolk, Va., vs. defendant Jonathon Van Atta, Rushville, dismissed.

• Plaintiff DNF Associates LLC, Getzville, N.Y., vs. defendant Caroline Prom, Thornville, dismissed.

• Plaintiff Synchrony Bank, Draper, Utah, vs. defendant Christina Day, New Lexington, dismissed.

• Plaintiff Michelle Robinson, Glenford, vs. defendants Ben Conkey, Somerset; Shannon Baker, Rushville; and Sharon Herder, Somerset, judgment for both.

• Plaintiff Premier Management LLC, Valerie Apartments, New Lexington, vs. defendants Mandy Robinette, et. al., judgment for both.


• Dean A. Arnold, 55, New Lexington, seat belt, $30 fine.

• Donald R. Crane, Jr., 65, New Lexington, speeding, $25 fine.

• James R. Estep, 67, Shawnee, seat belt, $30 fine.

• Brittanny N. Hawkins, 30, Crooksville, assured clear distance, $25 fine.

• Nickolas P. Adams, 40, Sugar Grove, speeding and seat belt, $105 fine.

• Jordan R. Buckman, 30, New Lexington, disorderly conduct, assault and menacing, $150 fine, assault and menacing charges dismissed by the state.

• Rick D. Chevalier, 58, Crooksville, stop sign, $25 fine.

• Chad W. Kirkbride, 48, Junction City, persistent disorderly conduct, 30 days jail with 17 days suspended on condition no violations during one year probation, attends drug/alcohol, mental health and domestic violence education, no contact with victim. Defendant was released to Franklin County on their warrant.

• Meghan L. McClement, 32, Zanesville, speeding, $25 fine.

• William D. Purkey, 18, Somerset, speeding, $25 fine.

• Claude W. Reed, Jr., 59, Rushville, speeding, $50 fine, showed proof of insurance.

• Larry N. Rosser, 74, Crooksville, starting/backing, $25 fine.

• Daniel L. Tacman, 61, Shawnee, stop sign, $25 fine.

• James D. Terry, 29, Newark, disorderly conduct, $150 fine.

• Bruce G. Bailey, 55, Corning, OVI.

• Keith D. Burd II, 29, attempted breaking and entering, 180 days jail, hold in jail until bed available at in-house program, must successfully complete New Direction drug court program after in-house program, 51 days jail credit as of March 31.

• Madison C. Hernandez, 24, Reynoldsburg, speeding in school zone, $100 fine, if defendant brings in $50 worth of school supplies with a receipt by April 7, court will suspend fine and order defendant to pay only court costs.

• Charles D. Pierce, 27, Junction City, driving under suspension, corrected prior to court, defendant to pay court costs.

• Robert A. Presley, 24, Corning, driving under suspension, has insurance, no fine.

• Kadyn M. Dornan, 19, New Lexington, speeding, $25 fine.

• Colton A. Maddux, 22, Somerset, seat belt, $30 fine.

• Miranda M. Maughmer, 20, Lancaster, possession of marijuana, marijuana paraphernalia, speeding, $150 fine.

• Pamela McFadden, 44, Pickerington, seat belt, $30 fine.

• Karen I. McLaughlin, 53, Roseville, disorderly conduct, $150 fine to be paid in full within 60 days.

• Johnny L. Muncy, 71, Corning, multiple ginseng violations, $1,250 fine, 900 days jail with 600 days suspended on condition no violations during two years intensive probation, 60 days under house arrest in lieu of 300 days jail, must forfeit all ginseng, $128 cash, digital scales, and notebook, and no root digging.

• Diana L. Wolfe, 40, Roseville, speeding, $25 fine.

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