Judge Luann Cooperrider


David M. McGaughey, Somerset, attorney: Steven R. Baldwin, Esq.

Vesta Joan White, Thornville.

Vaughn R. Fink, New Lexington, attorney: Ronald R. Vigue, Esq.

Lora Mae Ramsey, Crooksville, attorney, Rose M. Fox, Esq.

Thomas R. Goodfellow, New Lexington.

Lavella Henry, New Lexington.


Jeffrey Lee Wisecarver, Crooksville, to Jennifer Dawn Patrick, Crooksville.

Kinsey Grace Carpenter, Crooksville, to Sean Morgan Elliott, Crooksville.

Court News

The Probate Court this week, under the direction of Judge Cooperrider, hears a minor name change hearing, signed and reviewed a wrongful death settlement. Three new estates were filed this week.

Judge Cooperrider also married two different couples.

April Statistics

During the month of April, the following cases were filed in the Probate Court, under the direction of Judge Luann Cooperrider: nine estates, two adoptions, one minor settlement case. There were 10 marriage licenses issued with Judge Cooperrider performing two wedding ceremonies.

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