Ohio Mega Services LTD to Joe Whitt, Roseville, Lots 10 and 11, exempt.

Rodney and Teresa Ellars to Quality Business Investments LLC, Crooksville, Lot 338, $16,000.

Randall and Pamela Anderson to Gerald Manly, Madison, 5.01 acres, $18,000.

David and Linda Pierce to Sherry Pierce, Junction City, Lots 206 and 207, exempt.

Gerald and Jacqueline Bryant to Gerald Byant trusts, Reading, 21.05 acres, exempt.

Benjamin Miller to Robert Chambers, Madison, 30 acres, $88,500.

Eric and Cheryl Riffle to David Ford, Harrison, .137 acres, $169,000.

Rodney and Teresa Ellars to Suzann McKee, Thorn, .013 acres, $135,000.

Gerald Juniper to Daniel and Cassendra Bryan, Jackson, 10 acres, $45,000.

Crystal and Edward Hill to Ronald and Catherine Storts, Pike, Lot 2, $249,000.

US Bank National Association Trust, CIM Trust, Mortgage Backed Notes Series and Select Portfolio Servicing to John Bethel, Pike, 1 acre, $70,101.

Christopher and Brittany Calihan to Chevele Williams, Harrison, Lot 337, $83,000.

David and Kristi Parker to Crystal and Edward Hill, Pike, Lot 18, $289,000.

Glenna Terry and Dixie Glaize to Dixie Glaize and David Terry, Thorn, .5 acres, exempt.

Shirley and Henry Harris to Shirley and Henry Harris, Crooksville, Lot 69, exempt.

Dustan Miller to Perry County Reutilization Corporation, Corning, Lot 4, exempt.

Linda Lorenz and Jack Hunter to Excite Venture Company LLC, Thorn, Lot 85, $250,000.

Jeremiah and Samantha Holley to Jeremiah Holley, Thorn, exempt.

George Wolfe to Keith and Mary Notestone, Monday Creek, Lot 3, $118,000.

Four J’s Investments LLC to Jason Calendine and Cassandra Seum, Reading, .231 acres, exempt.

Kevin, Takiko and Patrick Hannum, Teresa and Rickey Huffman, Timothy Danielson, and Khristine and Michael Hanson to Kelly Hannum, Crooksville, Lot 314, exempt.

George and Patricia Lee to George and Joshua Lee, Jackson, 3.18 acres, exempt.

Robert Watkins to Jordan and Alexis Theisen, Reading, 1.728 acres, $172,000.

Sarah and Duane Stretton to Sarah Stretton, Monday Creek, 17.5 acres, exempt.

Harold and Alicia Crawford to Rusty Dragon LLC, Hopewell, 1.89 acres, $148,000.

Kimberly Shumar to Shumar’s Mulberry Farm LLC, Madison, 91 acres, exempt.

Garland and Julia Starling to Garland and Julia Starling, Monroe, Lots 7, 8, 9 and 10, exempt.

Edmond and Glenda Zolton to Edmond and Glenda Zolton, Pleasant, exempt.

Clyde, David and Deborah Pomeroy to Michael Sabo, Monroe, 70 acres, exempt.

Mae Fannie, Federal National Mortgage Association and Clunk Hoose to Howard Hugus, Reading, Lots 119 and 120, exempt.

Deborah Kidwell to Thomas Egbers, Jr. and Deborah turner, Thorn, Lot 38, $440,000.

Mell, Sue and Wanda Leckrone to Mell, Sue and Wanda Leckrone, Saltlick, .86 acres, exempt.

Shawn and Christa Hannah to John Spears, Shawnee, Lots 16 and 162, $2,000.

Peoples State Bank and Peoples National Bank to Perry Behavioral Health Choices Inc., New Lexington, Lots 1,262; 1,263 and 1,264, $80,300.

George and Gail Compston to Michelle Williamson, Pike, .092 acres, $128,000.

Martin and Mary Mudrack to Steven and Donna Pompey, Bearfield, 26.019 acres, $84,500.

Triple J Rockway Amphitheater LLC to Triple J Trading Post LLC, Bearfield, exempt.

Randell and Rosalean Chaffin to Sean and Katherine Wetzel, Clayton, 2.143 acres. $119,000.

Rolland and Marilyn Wesney to Marilyn and Rolland Wesney, Reading, 2 acres, exempt.

James and Wanda Mills to Sandra Barnett, Crooksville, Lot 513, $25,000.

Chad Burge to Timothy and Debra priest, Thorn, 2.88 acres, $277,000.

Dennis and Marian DeRolph and trusts to Perry County Board of Commissioners and Perry County Commissioner, Hopewell, exempt.

James Gordon to Joyce Epifano, Harrison, 1.63 acres, $103,000.

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