Judge Luann Cooperrider


Mary E. Murray, New Lexington, attorney: Terry J. Rugg, Esq.

Francis J. Harnetty, Junction City, attorney: Joseph A. Flautt, Esq.

George Campbell, Mount Perry, attorney: Steven R. Baldwin, Esq.

Mary Lou Tussing, Millersport, attorney: Scorr D. Eickelberger, Es.

Charles D. Creech, Thornville, attorney: Joseph A. Flautt, Esq.

Kaden Bradley Hook, New Lexington, attorney: Cindy M. O’Neil, Esq.

Jason E. Calendine, Somerset, attorney: Joseph A. Flautt, Esq.

Susan C. Griffith, New Lexington.

Curtis Griffith Jr., New Lexington.


Nathan Daniel Drumm, Rushville, to Anastasia Marie Johnson, Rushville.

Robert Cory Spencer, New Lexington, to Allison Elizabeth Feist, New Lexington.

Jacob Clark Stevenson, New Lexington, to Kaitlyn Ann Downs, New Lexington.

Brandon Andrew Preston, Glenford, to Jordan Elizabeth Painter, Glenford.

Miranda Ann Taylor, Logan, to Ethan Ryan Summerfield, Logan.

Kenneth Alan Pickering, New Lexington, to Katie Ann Triona, New Lexington.

Taylor Kay Swartz, Somerset, to Justin Wade Sipos, Somerset.

Wesley Adam Dorst, Breman, to Makayla Karlene Walker, Breman.

Jacob Alan Reynolds, New Lexington, to Samantha Marie Thurston, Rushville.

Andy Richard James, Crooksville, to Alice Marie Stockum, Newark.

Gerald Christopher Brown, Crooksville, to Crystal Lynn Hollingshead, Junction City.

William Travis Kokensparger, New Lexington, to Elizabeth Ann Henry, New Lexington.

Court News

The Probate Court this week, under the direction of Judge Luann Cooperrider, heard one inventory hearing, two appointment for estate executions and two adoptions.

Judge Cooperrider participated in the virtual meeting with the Housing Coalition regarding applying for Cares Act funding for temporary housing funds. The group is working to apply for funding through the grant funds.

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