Judge Luann Cooperrider


David W. Patterson, Thornville, attorney: Joseph A. Flautt, Esq.

Kenneth Gene Storts, Corning.

William James Fletcher, New Straitsville, attorney: Cindy M. O’Neil, Esq.

Wendy J. Peyton, Shawnee.


Taylor Mark Naclam, Crooksville, to Sierra Nicole Channel, Crooksville.

Kyle Alan Gable, New Lexington, to Keri Elizabeth Nagy, New Lexington.

Jamie Lynn Ludwick, New Straitsville, to Cody Allen Horn, New Straitsville.

Darryld Douglas Wilson, Corning, to Amber Dawn Hook, Corning.

Glory Ann Whitt, Crooksville, to Alexis Lasha Spencer, Crooksville.

George Frankling Grannon, Crooksville, to Amy Jo Hutchins, Crooksville.

Seth Michael Brown, New Lexington, to Tatum Nicole Brown.

Court News

The Probate Court this week heard one final accounting hearing and one guardianship visitation schedule order. Judge Cooperrider also ordered a disinter remains to allow the remains of a descendent to be moved.

Judge Cooperrider participated in the monthly board meeting of Forever Dads Organization. Judge Cooperrider is on the board. Programming continues to support dads and moms to overcome obstacles and become the best parents they can be.

May Statistics

During the month of May, the following cases were filed in the Probate Court, under the direction of Judge Luann Cooperrider: 15 estates, one minor settlement and three name changes. There were 14 marriage licenses issued with Judge Cooperrider performing two wedding ceremonies.

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