Judge Tina M. Boyer

Magistrate Jamie Williams

Journal Entry

The defendant Kelsey Cummins pled "Guilty" to complicity to possession of heroin, a third-degree felony with a forfeiture specification. A presentence investigation was ordered with a sentence hearing to be set.

Termination Judgment

For the violated probation for two counts of aggravated trafficking in drugs, a third-degree felony, the defendant Jeremiah Marten was sentenced to 48 months in prison.

For the violated probation for aggravated possession of drugs, a fifth-degree felony with a forfeiture specification, and permitting drug abuse, a fifth-degree felony, the defendant Robert Seenes Jr. was ordered to continue community control and attend and successfully complete the full STAR Program.

For the conviction of theft of a credit card, a fifth-degree felony, the defendant Justin Brenst was sentenced to 98 days in jail.

Divorces and Dissolutions

Divorce granted: Albert Butcher Jr. and Rhona Butcher

Dissolution granted: Edward McKnight and Jerry McKnight

Dissolution granted: Jamie Ziegler and Erin Ziegler

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