Leigh and Ruth Miller to Ruth Miller, Reading, 3.97 acres, exempt.

Samantha, Thomas, Lauren Parry and Lauren Rucker to David Swain, Thorn, Lot 51, $95,000.

June and Kenneth Lacy to Dennis Brown, Thorn, .995 acres, $25,000.

Willard Foucht and Foucht Revocable Trust to Janessa Reed, Somerset, Lot 293, $69,000.

Marlots Leasing to Dodsons Leasing, New Lexington, Lots 708, 709, 710, 711 and 712, $440,000.

Chad Brown to Danny and Ronda Carter, New Straitsville, Lot 126, exempt.

Bradley and Leah Prickett to Christopher Howard, Thorn, 7.84 acres, $85,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to M. Sidote Capital, Coal, .106 acres, exempt.

Ronald and Beata Isham to Ian Isham, Clayton, 6.564 acres, $250,000.

Daniel and Jamie Lones to John Bethel, Pike, Lot 167, $66,500.

Ruby Whetherholt and Kyle and Kate O’Hare to Kyle and Kate O’Hare, Reading, 1 acre, $163,000.

Joseph and Ashley Dearlove to Jerry and Lisa Juniper, Thorn, 4.646 acres, $235,000.

Suanne Young and White Charles to 1900 Capital Trust and US Bank Trust, Jackson, .45 acres, $69,000.

Sheriff William Barker and Zachary Byer to Wells Fargo Bank, Bearfield, 5 acres, $186,000.

Sheriff William Barker and Judy Faber to Federal National Mortgage Association and Mae Fannie, Pike, 1.98 acres, exempt.

Bonnie Garey to Larry Garey, Clayton, 7.66 acres, exempt.

Robert and Pamela Breese to Robert and Pamela Breese, Bearfield, 70 acres, exempt.

Anthony and Amanda Stephens to James Epifano, Pike, .810 acres, $3,595.

Brenda and Randy Dyer to Glass Enterprises, Harrison, .08 acres, $10,000.

Richard Whitehouse to Richelle and Richard Whitehouse, Harrison, 2 acres, exempt.

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