Sheriff William R. Barker and Steven and Amanda Peck to Nicholas Saum, Madison, 2.102 acres, $45,000.

Sheriff William R. Barker and Andrea and Michael Cross to US Bank Trust and LSD8 Master Participation Trust, Crooksville, Lot 465, $20,000.

Stacie Martindill to Saraand Randy Behrens, New Lexington, .174 acres, $127,000.

Henrietta Ruh and Shelby and Patrick Griffey to Steven and Tammy Shumaker, Rehoboth, Lot 28, $15,000.

Matthew Bowles to Matthew and Kimberly Bowles, Hopewell, 3.36 acres, exempt.

Cassondra and Michael and Cassondra Ferguson to Brian and Amy Cyrus, Reading, 2.39 acres, $215,000.

Lydia Allen to Kyle and Jamie Huston, Hopewell, 13 acres, $91,000.

Gary Head to David Dilts, Harrison, 24 acres, $25,800.

George and Donna Schweighofer to Scott and Kate Gribble, Thornville, Lot 131, $289,900.

Benjamin Taylor to Wanda Seesholtz, New Lexington, $83,000.

Pamela Sullivan to Jeffrey and Patricia Miller, Jackson, 6.7 acres, $45,000.

John and Jennifer Shafer to John and Hennifer Shafer Trusts and Hard Luck Acres Trust, Thorn, exempt.

Oak Ridge Land Co. to Scott and Leslie Eley, Bearfield, $72,500.

Jana Musser and Wilson Family Trust to Zachariah Dearing, New Lexington, $147,000.

James Barrett to David Anderson, Corning, Lot 164, $25,000.

Terry Whitmer to Richard and Laura Cole, Monday Creek, 2 acres, $99,000.

Robert and Ruth Walker to Burchfield Family Trust, New Straitsville, Lot 32, $50,000.

Charles and Gloria Thornton to Robert and Kaitlynne Gregory, Monroe, .460 acres, $84,900.

Robert and Tina Gibson and Tina Maynard to Tyler Primmer, Clayton, 5.217 acres, $119,900.

Brice and Loretta Stanley to Joshua Hicks, Jackson, 1.5 acres, $130,000.

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