Listed prices do not necessarily reflect actual property values.

• Gladys L. and Manford Merkle to Dan W. and Kimberly K. Kinsel, lots 729-732 Second Northwest Addition, New Lexington, exempt.

• Amanda E., Krisa L., Steven A. and Timothy W. Rhodes, to Amanda E. and Timothy W. Rhodes, section 31 township 17, Madison Township, exempt.

• CountryTyme Land Specialists Ltd. To Megan E. Cook and Cody M. Wilson, lot 12 Longhenry Ponds, Jackson Township, $49,000.

• Derek and Lauren Kinnear, Kimberly Klopper and William Klopper, Jr., to DSEIS LLC and Nectar LLC, section 6 township 14, Monday Creek Township, exempt.

• Margaret Lucille Washburn to Cory G. and Lauren K. Conrad, section 30 township, Reading Township, $70,205.

• Charles W. and Penny L. Dornan to Charles E. Hiles, Jr., and Cindy A. Hiles, section 4 township 18, Thorn Township, $240,000.

• David Timothy Bird and Heather Maudie Murray Sandlin, to Heather Sandlin, section 29 township 15, Pike Township, exempt.

• CCU Coal & Construction LLC to Karen L. and Steven E.Cowgill, sections 22, 23, 26 and 27 township 16, Clayton Township, $116,050.

• Brenda M. and Eric A. Riffle to Brenda M. and Eric A. Riffle, section 21 township 16, Reading Township, exempt.

• Brian J. Dennis to Cierra R. Gill and Douglas J. Gill, Jr., section 18 township 13, Bearfield Township, $209,000.

• Barbara and Randolph J. Welsh to Andy and Martha Byler, section 16 township 17, Madison Township, $229,000.

• Greg and Jennifer Godby to Ebenezer Baptist Church and the trustees of the Ebenezer Baptist Church, section 7 township 14, Monday Creek Township, $10,000.

• Beatrice Dean and Deanco, Inc. to Village of Corning, lot 6, Corning, exempt.

• Ronald R. and Patricia J. Vigue Family Trust and Ronald R. and Patricia J. Vigue, trustees, to Ronald R. and Patricia J. Vigue, section 10 township 15, Jackson Township and Junction City, exempt.

• Texan Enterprises LLC to 11516 Honeycreek Road LLC, section 18 township 19, Thorn Township, exempt.

• R&M Wolfes, Inc. and Wolfes Huff-N-Puff, Inc., to Campbell Oil Company, lots 241-246 Northwestern Addition, New Lexington, $150,000.

• Deborah A. and Gregory L. Rhinehart to Gregory L. Rhinehart, trustee, unit 15044 building 5C, Harbor Point Condominium at Heron Bay First Amendment, Thorn Township, exempt.

• Cheryl L. and David A. Wentz and Charles J. White, private selling officer, to Johnathan W. and Marla Linda Garren, section 31 township 15, Jackson Township, $71,601.

• Michael R. Williamson II and Michelle L. Williamson to Amber N. Baldy, section 32 township 14, Harrison Township, $60,200.

• Daniel J. and Kayla Burge to Debra Lee and Gwendolyn R. Camp, part of lot 6 Christopher Longs Addition, Thornville, $159,900.

• Amy and Brian K. Tootle, and Jason and Danielle R. Hicks, to Douglas M. Elliott, section 17 township 14, Monday Creek Township, $190,000.

• Jason R. Kent and Staci Hedges to Denise and Larry Ethun, lots 17and 18, Columbus Fireman’s Park, Thorn Township, $395,000.

• Bruner Land Company, Inc., to Ray B. and Nancy G. Carpenter, Hopewell Township, $180,500.

• Bruner Land Company, Inc., to Amy and Harry Young, section 19 township 16, Clayton Township, $89,000.

• Lynsey M. and Shawn M. Cable, to Jason T. King, lots 1 and 23, Melick’s First Addition, Roseville, $159,600.

• Jeremy and Nicol A. Williams to Nicole A. Williams, section 24 township 12, Saltlick Township, exempt.

• Glenn and Teresa Wesney to Glenn and Teresa Wesney, section 19 township 16, Reading Township, exempt.

• Desirea R. and Shane R. Perani, to Kenneth Richards, lots 155-157 Ferrara subdivision, Corning, $50,000.

• Leonard E. and Teresa A. Hook to Perry County Title Ltd., section 24 township 17, Thorn Township, $250,000.

• John L. Jarrell to Lorena and Wayne Hedges, section 23 township 16, Clayton Township, $34,900.

• Bruner Land Company, Inc., to Brent C. Galeucia, section 19 township 16, Clayton Townhip, $90,000.

• Gregory W. and Shana J. Altier to Jamie M. and Melissa Spergin, section 8 township 12, Monroe Township, exempt.

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