Judge Luann Cooperrider


Rosa Mae Rupe, Crooksville, attorney: Valerie K. Wiggins

Jerry W. Wine, Logan, attorney: Charles A. Gerken, Esq.

Terry A. Blosser, New Lexington, attorney: Joseph A. Flautt, Esq.

Joyce A. Arnett, New Lexington.

Robert M. Dishon, Shawnee, attorney: Joseph A. Flautt, Esq.


Michelle Leigh Winegardner, Somerset, to Ryan Michael Eversole, Somerset.

Ernest Leslie Cook, Rushville, to Teresa Danielle Brown, Rushville.

Brianna Lynne Carpenter, Glenford, to Harley David Thomas, Lancaster.

Joshua William Holcombe, Crooksville, to Kaitlyn Madison Marie Tracy, Crooksville.

James William Smathers, Glenford, to Loran Michelle Beckett, Lancaster.

Jacob Corbin Strong, New Lexington, to Aryka Layne Ladd, New Lexington.

Court News

The Probate Court this week heard two grandparent adoptions where the grandparents were adopting their grandchildren. Judge Cooperrider also heard one final account hearing and two name change hearings.

Judge Cooperrider attended a conference call, The Buckeye Lake Museum Board meeting, where she served as president. The museum qualified for a small loan for non-profits. The Queen III sternwheeler will be available for tours at such time the public tours are deemed safe.

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